Another Sunnyvale, Flip?

Thats my property :slight_smile:


I’m trying to pre-market the Builds these days.

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You break the silence ! 13 views, one comment, looks good deal. If the home is not worth, people are pounding with statements.

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Just finished selling one more with Plans

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Nice wordings

THE CHOICE IS YOURS: (a) Tear it down and get an exceptional quality home Built by SVhomes for a reasonable price , Save time and effort with plans for 2800 sq feet house already in submission. (b) Live in this completely MOVE-IN ready house © Add square footage (d) buy it as an investment, to “land bank” or rent out until some future time. Whatever your choice, this is a wonderful opportunity to acquire a charming 2BD/1BA/1GA house on 7000-square-foot near-perfect rectangular lot in the beautiful neighborhood within walking distance to Apple’s Spaceship.

Two years before, I left knowingly one property 3b, 2bh, in the same location (schools), with 10000 sqft for 1.37M. My wife voted not to buy that property ! I was telling her she will regret later leaving such a nice one. This one proves it.

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@Jil … This area is literally on fire.

Wow !!! I relaized that we became “HOT HOME”

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Your ideal outcome is choice A obviously. What does the cost for build out 2800 sft? Does it work out for an investor type where the buyer and you the builder make some dough. Or you are looking for the end buyer ? If so how does financing work? Why would I buy for a pre agreed price if I’m an end buyer.

Just curious.

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Definitely attractive nowadays. Wealthy buyers can get this land and build it.

The one I left was this.

We gave 1.4M offer ! There was two offers at 1.4M and the other party got it first. They went back and we were given another opportunity. But, by that time, we were not interested.

Almost tempted to sign on a pre-emptive offer today …we have offer due date for tomrrrow though

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Call their bluff. They aren’t that motivated if they want the bid alone strategy.

Then again it’s not my money :thinking:.

Nowadays, any home gets pre-emptive offer. When we visited a home listed at 1.288M, the LA was hinting two pre-emptive offer above 1.4M, but final price was 1.531M cash offer !

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I just SOLD it :slight_smile:


And many unsolicited offers.

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