Another West Oakland Home Breaks the Million Dollar Mark

That’s my street baby!

I have noticed the work of Baran for a while. Wonder what’s the building cost…

Sweet, Manch…

Are you also…

I would also be licking my lips if this gentrification also headed more east to where my 4 plex is.

I happened to be having Korean BBQ in Temescal two nights ago with my wife and her friend and it was a lively crowd for a late Sunday (albeit holiday) night. Young, hipster/UC Berkeley crowd. Definitely Oakland is changing and all for the better!!!

You bet I am licking my lips! Appreciation is yum yum yum…

Temscal has been hot for a while already. Maybe Emeryville is a better bet nowadays?

Here you go, Manch!

Come on, @manch, with an address number like 2828 this should go over 1M right???

House looks pretty sharp. How about we just change all street numbers to 28-A, 28-B, etc? That way everybody has their share of 28 and house price goes up 10% automagically? :slight_smile:

Sorry, two units…but wanted to revive thread…

Haha I was just about to post this! you beat me to it.


Are you personally still looking or not really??? Deals are hard to come by these days…

I guess I’m not actively looking anymore but still keeping my ears open. I’m all out of money with tons of debt (good debt).

Yeah, paying those multiple property tax bills take the fun out of real estate owning for me…:slight_smile:

This spanking new house is literally just across the street from my townhouse.

It looks awesome! West Oakland is gentrifying at a very fast clip.

Wow, very nice. Almost looks prefab, or is it???

The listing says westhaus10. looks like 10 home community.

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Finally sold final…