Any buyers/investors of East Palo Alto?


Zoom in pic. Front porch looks the same.
I passed by couple days after shooting happened. As long as i remember - its the house.
But i know 2 RE agents who own properties in this street (ave.)


Looks no different than those by Lynbrook 95129 in the photo. This is a bigger home too. Someone needs a 4 br home close that is affordable. This is a very good home for the price listed.


The chain link fence is to keep in the pitbulls…They can’t jump it


How do you keep yourself safe from pitbulls in these kind of neighborhood? I think cities should forbid pitbulls and allow police to kill all the pitbulls whenever it’s seen


Half of my prospective tenants have pit bulls. In fact two of my tenants have one. Millennials think they are cute.


So, me, a person that doesn’t deal with flipping, invest on properties, doesn’t work as a Realtor, yada, yada, yada, is telling you something other people with experience in the above are telling you, that this property is “hot”?

You got to be kidding me! :laughing:


If your tenants have pitbulls, are you scared when you go there to do repairs? And are you scared when you need to start an eviction? Can they order their pitbulls to attack you as a revenge?


Not scared of them. Always let a dog smell your hand. If worried make sure your have bacon in it. They won’t bite a hand that feeds them.


Oh, I need to have some dog treats in the car. It might be more effective than dog repeller


It’s the dog owners not the breed. Breed specific legislation is one of the more ignorant policies that’s ever existed.

What annoys me is people that one little dogs that are aggressive. They think it’s funny or cute, since the dog is small. They won’t think it’s funny or cute if my dog decides to protect itself and kill their dog. I’ve literally had to pull aggressive dogs away, because the owner was an idiot. It’s never been a pit bull.


When I visit a house, their pitbull bark really loudly at me and running to me. I’m not sure whether it wanted to attack me. Fortunately I quickly hide behind a security door and firmly close the door. The owner says his dog is fine, never attack his roommates, but I am a stranger!


Next time make sure marcus is with you. You will be protected!! :slight_smile:



As long as pitbull is allowed, poeple need to have guns to fight against the threat of pit pulls


Prior generations, it was German shepherds that were the dangerous dogs. Now they are police and military dogs. Pit bulls are loyal to a fault and some terrible humans exploit that to make them be mean. That’s not the fault of the dog.

One thing of Michael Vick being a complete loser is he was forced to pay to rehabilitate surviving dogs. There wasn’t a single incident of those dogs harming another dog or person. Hector the pit bull was the most famous one. The people that adopted him maintained a Facebook page of his adventures until he passed.


Some people are lost in translation.

This area should be renamed as the Bermuda triangle of the flippers and Realtors. A forgotten pocket of land ready for to be reaped by those willing to sweat and make a buck.


End of the story, listed 850k, sold 995k, estimate over 1M. I guess market and time will prove everything, whether you believe it or not for now.


I stand by my post above, that one should pick any SFH for 1M or less in SV. Just needs some work and time for the area to continue to get better, and it should. The location is just to good to not take a shot at it.


Which house are you talking about?


1144 Laurel…