Any buyers/investors of East Palo Alto?


I see this home in google view with Chain link fence…etc,

Any buyers of EPA? What is the future in this area?


What has been my suggestion all along about homes down that way or in SV? Buy anything that is decent and at 1M or less. You are bound to make money no?


That chain link fence doesn’t do much for safety. 42"? Easy to scale.

If it’s a gentrification play, MP east of 101 will be years ahead of EPA. It’s significantly more expensive though.


Normally chain link shows theft/vandalism…etc prevalent in that area. If someone specializes or looking at EPA investments, as gentrification will come in to picture and future prospects, how do we rate these locations and opportunities?


EPA, be aware of the entrenched renters and political/social willpower. Signals of gentrification are the same as anywhere else.


Nothing decent can be bought there for $1M or less.


Same mentality sank so many wannabe buyers. Anybody looking at out of picture things shouldn’t be an investor.

I lived in EPA for many years, and those people coward enough missed a good chance to buy a home for $150K in the 90s. When I left in 2003, that was the cost of a house I lived nearby.

Did I see crime? No. But I saw criminals and that’s one thing you don’t understand about crime. Crime travels, and criminals don’t want to act criminal in their own turf. To me, it was enough to look at their face, say hello, throw a couple of beers when they were gathering, and showing some bad face and not a cowardly attitude was enough to have them respect you for having your balls in the right place.

That is long gone, EPA is something else.

That house is what I call half Menlo Park and half PA location. Though there are some apartment complexes down the road on Menalto, Willow Rd, I forget the street/s, this location is closer to PA than anything else.

Now, anything on the other side by Home Cheapo? That’s another story to tell.

Not my problem, I am not a RE investor. But I think and I am of the opinion that the same line of thought was applied to my ESJ and those dumb enough missed a great opportunity.

The end.



Image #9 from listing. Is that like a dead body, where the body decomposed and just pants left on carpet? Just kidding. And check out home made security bar for patio door.

Property crime (home burglary, auto break in, bike thefts) is rampant nowadays, even in good neighborhoods. Unfortunately police is not focused on these crime. And even in the small chance that perp is caught, probably get released without jail time.

I wonder if property crime is higher or lower in tough neighborhoods? I suspect it will be more opportunistic there. Whereas criminals specifically target better neighborhoods.


So called gentrification has been happening in EPA for a long time. There were new housing developments in pockets of EPA, particularly around Home Depot/Ikea. Then you had the arrival of HD/Ikea which were a big deal in terms of retail activity. I’m not clear on what office space was built out other than the new Amazon office. I wouldn’t put my bet here for gentrification. It’s ALWAYS had the location advantage. The assumption is that the schools are bad, but they are bad in other places too. Prices have risen, but I wouldn’t call it gentrification.

What exactly are you looking for? 1M and under with potential for gentrification?


Yes, I see EPA has some 800k to 1M level in Bay area. Looks to be, EPA has better potential to grow soon.


According to local news in 2014 in this house right on front porch somebody got KILLED

I wonder it this fact will go to disclosure… more than 3 years… most likely not


NO, You are NOT kidding



Come on guys!

Kids are returning to school, the same school they themselves or their parents saw other kids being shot to death by those wonderful, and supported by idiots assault rifles.

Life goes on. People get killed every day and you don’t know how many got killed right inside the house you are living in. It could have been a construction worker or anybody else before they built that house on.

This house is in a better location than homes located, as I said, by home cheapo and Las Pulgas. I lived there, and I am telling you, it was like a 40% hotter than the area this house is in.

I am surprised they still have those prices in that area. I am willing to say that house will sell more than asking price. Gee! Those prices are less than what they are asking for a house in East SanJo. Mark my words.


It happened at 1100 Laurel ave, but not in 1144 laurel ave.


This home has become HOT HOME now, with 41 favorites in Redfin !

Investors/Contractors will make a purchase now…and flip it soon…


1144 is in the 1100 block. It’s possible that shooting happen in front of 1144.

There are two 4s, double death? Don’t buy it until 2 deaths happened.

How to interpret two 1s before two 4s?


Yes, may be,

but this home is turned into hot home…means many are interested in this home and will soon turn into pending before end of march. Some contractors flip it with nice remodel.


Really you shouldn’t be taking those Chinese superstition too seriously but the fact that there was shooting on that street is definitely a concern… :slight_smile:


Yes, this is a real concern, esp at this location. Hmmm, EPA has not change yet !