Any buyers/investors of East Palo Alto?


Some Oakland house went up 5-7 times since 2010. Hard to say which is better


Looking backwards is a waste of time


Indians don’t live in EPA (except few in newer developments). But Indians own maaaany properies in EPA.


Thats what my argument is. There are fundamentals that are preventing EPA from growing compared to rest of the cities in the neighborhood . And these fundamentals are working.

I think the strongest one among them, especially when compared to Oakland, is availability of better alternatives right next door. RWC, SC, MV and others took away all the growth.


Posting in this thread again as it’s more relevant.



The article says Daly City and Brisbane are about to join the million dollar club. Newark already is in the club. Did not know that. :cry:


Why you crying?


I like Newark, but now it’s slipping away from me… :cry:


Brisbane has been million dollar all the time. It’s not cheap



I think you can still get something in Newark for 800k or less.


Not unless it is backing to the freeway or something like that. Newark values have gone up quite a bit due to Facebook. Schools are not good either.


Research before you speak. This one sold under 800k and not backed up to anything.


And these… too many to choose from… :rofl:


Please take a close look yourself. It’s right next to some restaurant.


What about the other 3? Are they all next to some restaurant? Stop nitpicking.


:smile: Two of them are bang next to some schools and the third one is a 1.5 bath that backs to a busy road.


Too picky!!! :rofl:


I have been looking closely in Newark and Fremont. Homes that are in good condition are still selling for good prices.