Any good deals on new appliances for home?

Hi friends,

Where do you suggest I should get new home appliances such as refrigerator, washer/dryer, etc.
Im thinking Home Depot, but heard good things about Airport Appliances. Any experiences you can share? Which brands do you prefer?
Are you guys aware of any deals going on, should i order now or wait until July 4 sale?
Im not looking for high-end appliances and need to get the appliances by first week of July.

thanks in advance

I actually normally get mine from Sears… I did look at W/D at Home Depot, but nothing really caught my eye.

PS: Whatever you do, do NOT buy this dishwasher (Whirlpool W10656407A):

It is the worst dishwasher I’ve ever had. Pieces of plastic from the top rack fell off into the drying area and melted in the first month. The adjustable top rack lock comes undone every time I put a cup next to it. Builds up goop at a very fast rate (never seen my dishwasher covered in a sticky goop like this one is). Difficult to clean the screen. The one hour clean cycle simply doesn’t clean unless you already cleaned every dish.

I have good luck with Korean appliances - Samsung & LG. I bought their fridges, range, dryer and washer. And after 5+ years they are still running like a champ. I am suspicious of American appliances, just like I am suspicious of American cars (except Tesla?).

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I suppose Lowe’s is another big box you should check out. Not sure where you are, but I have used APD for appliances needed at my rental property in the east bay. They deliver and take away the old appliance.

If you don’t care if scratches or dings isn’t there a Sears appliance outlet in the east bay?

I’ve had good luck with the Kenmore Sears brand. In fact, was just cleaning out the garage freezer which is now 15 years old, hasn’t needed maintenance, and has survived two moves, one across country. We had a fridge as well, but left it in Boston for the landlady. I miss that one. We’ve also had a dishwasher–more issues with it, but I could always get the parts online.

Our washer/dryers are Samsung, and I like them as well.

Kenmore is a great brand, but in reality they don’t actually make anything. Sears gets major companies like Whirlpool, GE, LG, etc. to make the appliances for them. There are usually subtle differences between Kenmore and the manufacturer’s similar model. If you get a knowledgeable salesperson, he/she will tell which company made the Kenmore appliance you are considering.

Looking for new appliances too, went to pacific appliances at best buy last week. Kitchen aid has a package deal going on till 6/8. Best buy gives 10% a KA package and on top of that KA gives a $400 rebate for 4 appliances. So, thats almost 20% off the bat. Then you apply for a best buy credit card to put everything on that has a 10% rewards, so a nice 30% saving on new appliances…
What do people think of kitchen aid? It looks great and professional but is it reliable?
Is the 5 year extended warranty worth it?

Kenmore is sold by Sears but neither Sears nor Kenmore manufacture them.

Many different manufacturers make Kenmore appliances, including Whirlpool, Bosch, Roper, Amana, Haier, Corning, Samsung and Electrolux. Sears established the Kenmore brand in the early 1900s.

That said, I have Kenmore appliances at home and have no trouble with them. If you sign up for the Sears credit card when you buy them you get an extra 5% off their sale prices. Same thing at Lowes.

We got a Bosche dishwasher from Lowes for our previous home. It was a great dishwasher. We have a GE now and it is a POS. Loud and doesn’t clean well.

Yes I hear the Bosche is kind of the standard to go with. Kind of like Panasonic bathroom fans or Toto toilets.

I think sears matches prices. Unfortunately many appliances have different SKUs at different at various stores to get around the price matching.

I’ve had good luck with Pacicic Sales stand alone stores. Best Buy bought them and the ones inside Best Buy don’t negotiate. I can’t remember which store has last years floor models in the back room. Usually half price or more.

Since I have a thing for appliances I lean toward high end for the feature set. Dacor, DCS, gaganau and Thermodor. For trash compactors kitchenade. I have a GE washer and the matching dryer died and needed over $600 to repair. The repair guy sold me a reconditioned Samsung with pedistal for $400 and took the old dryer away. It doesn’t have as many features but works fine.