Any one interested in this cash offer fixer?

Pass :slight_smile:

Maybe for $300k. $400k is too high…unless you know a decent contractor who works for cheap, which isn’t easy to find these days.

Shoot, how is the plane noise in this area???

Dirt cheap. Will sell way over asking.

Why not buy with your cash?

Not interested.

Pick a number. Dont know the area well. ARV is around 750k?

Yes, 750k.

Any takers for this home? Cap Rate 4%

high HoA, east side of milpitas. Not something i like to invest in.

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Break even investment at 425k. Zero cash flow hoping for appreciation.

Build a brand new home, plenty of takers. :smirk:

Not really. Supposing you have cash offer, match the home 400k price, the rent is appx $2200, leaving 10% on mgmt and maintenance, 30% for property tax, we have 60% cash for profit.

This bring 3.96% cap rate.

Is this one sold? Zillow shows it was removed from listing on 8/7, not sure it was sold or not.