Any possibility to get waive of penalty on supplement property tax bill? Santa Clara County

Last year, I paid normal property tax bill, and then I saw two additional supplement property tax bill, that too in the internet, I paid it.

Today, I noticed Four more supplement property tax bill, due date Feb 28, 2019 (not apr 10, 2019) and penalty 10% added as it is past due.

In short, I see 4 entries for each 6 months, one property tax and three supplement property tax bill of which two are added recently with past due Feb 28, 2019.

Any way to talk/claim with Santa Clara County removal of penalty on supplement property tax bill?

I tried as I ran into the same problem. I showed them I had paid both installments eventho I didnt need to for a property in Dec 2017 but missed their supplemental which i paid when I got the late notice immediately (in Apr 2018). They refused to waive it.


Yes, that is government! Thank you!! We have to gift them for their inefficient work.

I do not know why they have 3 supplemental taxes now when we bought almost one year before!!

The same for Alameda and San Mateo County. Screwed up with my escrow payment, coz they think I need to pay higher in the subsequent years and want to charge more every month.

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It happens when too much forum, no political involvement, and less education on how to vote for or against propositions and their effect on us the taxpayers.

The same government is giving you a handout on the name of 1031, why berate it?

How can you miss a supplemental tax bill? Don’t they mail them to your house?

Sounds like a class-action lawsuit in the making.

No, supplement did not come home. May be , they would have posted to bank escrow or may be posting to home later. But escrow won’t pay supplement.

I normally see one supplement, The issue is multiple supplement with different timeframes.

Year 2018 two supplement and year 2019 it is four supplement

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May not work against government, rather pay the penalty.

Gifted government already!

This is why I never set up escrow account for property taxes. DIY is the best.

Is it your primary or rental?
My supplement on rental property delievered to my home address but i guess i requested its mailing address to be my home.

I am a bit confused by your situation.
Why multiple supplements instead of one?
I received one supplement only for last year’s purchase and the amount matches exactly what i expected.


I think we had two supplements–one for each half of the year, but we’re in a different county. And they were posted when we looked online. I’m going to double check though there isn’t a new one.

It is rental. I have never seen multiple supplements in the past, that is the confusion as I never expected additional supplement after January 2019.


Accidentally, I checked today, seen penalty. I should have checked before Feb 28th to avoid penalty !

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Oh, i got 2 bills as well but in one envelope. That’s what i meant.

This is bizarre.

Due date for the second installment becomes due on Feb/1 but becomes delinquent after 5pm Apr 10.
How come supplement tax bill becomes delinquent before regular tax bill?
Was it the first installment for supplement bill?

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This was bought May 2018, paid two supplements already during 2018. I talked to bank escrow last December and they said escrow won’t pay supplement and owners responsibility to pay.

I paid all the pending supplement by Dec 2018 including the supplement due by April 2019. I made everything clean and no tax due by Dec 31, 2018 including year 2019 supplement paid.

Today, I have noticed they posted two more supplement after Jan 1st 2019 for year 2018 and year 2019 with due date Feb 28, 2019. It was unexpected.

Government is always known for lethargy and we need to gift them for their slow work !

Wow… sorry to hear this happen to you.
Have you checked if total sum of supplement tax + regular tax correctly correspnds to your purchase price? The expected tax should be purely based on your purchse price. I would do this calculation first.

Then, i would ask tenant if they have received property tax bill. If they have not, then i guess you are in better pisition in your argument with county.

In any cases, i would appeal this case.


This is where the issue. After creating 3rd and 4th supplement, it matches the last year purchase price. I have noticed this discrepancy when they first created supplement. I can not pay county without any supplement.

The real penalty issue is on their deadline of putting Feb 28, 2019 (penalty applied after this date) instead of regular Apr 10, 2019.

Banks are normally sending escrow check to county appx this time. All my banks sent such checks already. Once I verified all banks, I checked the county site, and got the issue.

Any way, I am not going to dispute with county as already two of our members faced such situation.

I already paid penalty, gift is already given to County !!

The effective date for property tax years is June 1. Typically there’s a few months lag from when a sale is recorded and the county sends out updated tax bills (and sends out supplemental tax bills). If you purchase property in say May, and it doesn’t get reassessed until July, then you will owe a supplemental tax bill for the previous tax year (for the time before June 1 you owned the property) plus a second supplemental bill the following year. Your new assessed value (for property tax) should then be accurate by Feb of the following year when everything gets reassessed as of January 1.

If you buy property in the spring, you’re likely to get supplemental tax bills for two years. If you buy after June 1, you’re likely to only have 1 year of supplemental tax bills. And I think waiving late fees for property tax payments is highly unlikely as the deadlines (received in office or postmarked by the due date) are set in law and the county tax collectors have no leeway if they’re not met.

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