Any takers of NVDA or UBNT or TSLA (not now)

All these three stocks are down heavily. TSLA watch out or wait for low 200 level as this very volatile.

Except TSLA, other two are really great ones with good earnings.

Watch out comfortable bottom of NVDA (after hours down too) and UBNT (almost reached down)

Do your own analysis, as this is information purpose.

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Nvda broke 50-day. That’s not good in the shorter term. There will probably be a better entry in the future. I still have my June 90/140 call spread. It’s about break even right now.

UBNT, I have my eye on it. Waiting for it to form a longer bottom. Founder owns 70%, so I don’t think it’ll go down much more.

I hate TSLA. Model 3 production by September? Now it includes solar city which is losing money. They are lowering solar city sales to slow down cash burn. I don’t see a path to profitability for solar city.

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Anybody bought AMD? Looks like it’s on fire…

The Bolt is available now…The Tesla 3 will be throttled in its crib by GM and all the other competitors

I have very minor stake in AMD, but not heavy. It is up 8% now. It is kind of watch list.
My NVDA, higher stake, is down 2% as of date.

Both have the same market. I did not go deep into AMD stock, not having any idea on its fundamentals

Yes, Bolt is available on the road.Really challenge for TSLA unless they bring Model 3 on road !

The Tesla 3 may come out in 2018, or not…who knows

Bolt so far dispatched 1167 cars as of Jan 2016. TSLA has the pressure to release now. TSLA can not add price to his 35k model. If they do, people will go to bolt easily.

I did AMD for awhile with options. It was nice.

Tesla will raise another $2-2.5B. When they announced model 3, I estimated they’d need to raise $4-5B total to get it into production. I was using BMW’s South Carolina plant to estimate. They’re going to land a little above the bottom of my range. If they want to make 1M cars a year, they’ll need a second factory. No way they’ll get another at the same fire sale price. It wouldn’t surprise me if it cost them $7-8B to buy a plant and tool it up, so they can make 1M cars a year.

How much is a Bolt? If enough people cancel their order for Model 3 and get their deposits back, TSLA may implode. TSLA needs every penny it can get to feed that money furnace.

Bolts are $37k…But dealers will probably add big mark ups if the demand is high…

An electric car is pretty useless in cold climates, restricts range up to 50%…Probably will never buy one in Tahoe…Plus the have to have low ground clearance to be aerodynamically efficient. …But I have seen a few Teslas…probably BA tourists…A Leafs range can drop to below 40 miles in subzero weather…Of course gas mileage drops a lot in Tahoe too…Cold, 4wd and slow going due to bad conditions drop mpg a lot…

Tesla is all about status symbol. If people really care about the environment they will live in a high rise condo.

Tesla is all about status symbol. If people really care about the environment they will live in a high rise condo.

Or a Unabomber shack…lol

I bet unabomber shack is less energy efficient than a modern day high rise.

LEASE FOR $259 per month for 36 months
$3995 due at signing
$37495 MSRP
Tax, title, lic. fees extra
10,000 miles per year
25 cents per mile extra
5 at this lease
Lease terms end or change at 30000 miles

NVDA to 200-day SMA?
UBNT broke 200-day SMA? Back to $25-$30?
TSLA, 50-day SMA at $240 and 200-day at $220. Guess wait for it at 200-day just like NVDA.

TSLA may reach around $200, but not NVDA and UBNT.

IMO, Another 35% down for NVDA & UBNT is unlikely unless a major crash happens. If you see the quarterly report, both companies are doing great, in all margins. When economy is good, they are bound to go up.

The fall is mainly by two downgrades, but not by their fundamentals and the same analysts downgraded QCOM, which is almost 8% up since the bottom.

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Sold NVDA call spread. Lost $3.94/share where if I had kept common stock it would have been $14/share. I bought the spread with profits from the stock, so NVDA was still profitable overall.

I have not idea. The initial run is always based on increasing good fundamentals. However, invariably the run becomes over-expectations… we need a good way e.g. FCF analysis, to assess whether it is still supported by fundamentals or over-expectations. What did FCF analysis say? Or what is your valuation model say? Or you’re basing on TA only?

For example, according Professor Damodaran, intrinsic value of TSLA is $152, AAPL is $130.