Any takers of NVDA or UBNT or TSLA (not now)


Tech sector pulling down is not done by common man, but big hedge funds, Mutual funds and Banks - mostly market makers. This is very unusual.

So far FED has hiked 4 times, there must be impact, but not yet seen. I am really skeptical about the market until we see how it goes for a month.


In a sea of red tech stocks,

NVDA, TSLA, QCOM and LQMT are green :grinning:
CVX and VZ continues being green :joy:


@manch thanks for singling me out to be the biggest NVDA bull. Ha ha, don’t forget this is a RE forum. I am a big bull on bay area real estate instead of any stock. At the end, no matter it is NVDA or AMD or INTC or GOOG takes lead, I am going to win as they are all in bayarea. :slight_smile: I am just not as brave as you to take so much debt, so I do not have any spare money for stock anymore…

Thanks for the audio, it is very helpful. Get back to NVDA, I am going to be very concise and very high level here:

We are talking about an once a century opportunities

  • Chips can be used to communicate or to compute. All previous technologies are driven by communication. Now it is time for computation to take over.
  • It is more than sequential vs parallel. It is about how you are created and how the universe is functioning.
  • We use to able to model intelligence communications by languages + instructions which is intrinsically sequential.
  • Now we can model how you perceive the reality (as neuron by AI or Deep Learning) and the reality itself (as all physical laws of matter and energy by VR). Both are all intrinsically in parallel.
  • Really, AI is just a small part of the “parallel revolution”. It is going to eat everything. :yum:

Jensen Huang is a real crazy guy

  • Investor hated him as he invested all the profit into his crazy visions and many of them failed.
  • He is a visionary, a fighter and will win no matter what. He is like Andy Grove of Intel, Bill Gate of MS as a cofounder CEO. Intel, AMD lack this.

NVDA is a software company, far more than just a hardware company

The same architecture everywhere

  • From huge processor used in data center to little tiny chip (jetson) used in any small devices and anything in between.
  • CUDA (GPGPU), not optimized but can be used any where in any industries. That is the unfair advantage for NDVA.
  • In every usage of the “parallel revolution”, competitors could always optimizes in a particular usage, like Google’s TPU. That only validates the market. If the market is important enough, NVDA could join to optimize, like TPU in Volta, it will not be too late.
    ##Open source, open platform
  • I agree. The moat of NVDA is open source and open platform.
  • We are in a different world from a decade ago where patent portfolio may or may not be helpful anymore.
  • While many low level stuffs by NVDA is still proprietary, they also open sourced many softwares on top so that the world will codevelop with them.

There will be risk, a lot of risk in investing company like this. That is why I am still stick with RE. :grin:


That’s my whole point. It’s not average investors. It’s HUGE funds that were forced to sell to stay within their target sector allocation range. It’s not unusual at all.


Are you sure?

Alipay vision


I think FAANGs are now selling at a discount with respect to the general market…


Thanks @ed-lo. I need to learn more about Nvidia. Your summary is very helpful. I am especially interested in its software story. Also Huang mentioned a couple times nvidia’s uniform architecture in the interview. I need to look into that.

Huang really knows his stuff. He went into fine technical details much more than the usual tech CEOs.


Well that’s visionware. It’s a sign of weakness companies talk about these. Apple used to be like that in early 90s, when it had nothing compelling on the market so it talked about its “vision” instead.

AR will be owned by Apple. It needs to pack a lot of compute in a tiny package so you need to own the whole stack from hardware design down to CPU and GPU and also the software. No other companies have that. Plus, and that’s a very big plus, the product needs to be attractive. No more creepy google glass. Apple has the designers and the designer centric culture.


DARPA backs a HIVE architecture processor. The agency isn’t alone in its work: Intel, Qualcomm and Northrop Grumman are involved, as are researchers at Georgia Tech and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.


Nvidia is dropping fast in the last month. Anyone buying?

Now 18% below its peak back on June 9th.


No position in NVDA right now. Still have UBNT which is down $0.27 from where I bought it. TSLA is still above where I bought it, but it makes me nervous. Their production execution just sucks. They just opened a $800M line of credit, and I bet they’ll have to do an equity raise before the end of the year.


Mr. Musk is known to borrow excessively and make huge gambles… no surprises there!!!


I added today at 144 and 139.5. I may not buy more, but will hold on to it. I added IRBT today.

But, I am skeptical about my purchases as there are chances these stocks may further go down. Hoping eventually it may come back.


Citron Research released a white paper, saying the stock would collapse to $130 a share before trading at $180. So I had shorted 4 Dec $120 puts, if it dropped to $130, would start buying Dec calls ($120-$130).

Do you think NVDA would decline to $100?


I do not believe any analysts statement unless they provide clear data such is revenue decline, profit decline…etc. NVDA is profitable and growing. Naturally, it has wide swings (high beta) stocks like TSLA. However, I see all tech stocks being offloaded and coming down daily. NVDA, TSLA and other tech stocks bound to fall along with nasdaq.

I really do not know what price it will fall and what price it will go up except this is a good company for long term. Today fall is disturbing a lot as my stocks are down 5% level, both TSLA and NVDA.


Well, AMD has been flat since February. They just announced earning though. AF shot up 8%.


Yes, I helped my cousin bought some yesterday. I think he is happy now.