Anything wrong with Midtown Terrace?

Houses in that part of SF seems to be relatively affordable. Any hidden problems? It’s close to the Laguna Honda hospital and Twin Peaks. Take this house for example:

Pretty decent looking with a hot backyard. Yes, I get the 14 street number. But standalone house 3/2/1450 all for 1.2M? Sign me up!

Or this house:

Again, standalone. 4/2/2050 1.4M? Am I missing something?

Radiation from the Sutro Tower.

I like the neighborhood (again, I like most Fab 7x7 areas) but I can see not having stores close by or not having easy, quick transportation to anywhere being a negative. Kinda colder and foggier typically too,no?

Personally I don’t mind it. But my wife may. She even have an EMF measure to check it.

How’s it different from golden gate height and your favorite St Francis Wood? I know SF is famous for its micro climate but we are talking about pretty short distance right?

Here you go, all you can digest about the origins of Midtown Terrace…

I have to think it is somewhat like GGH but it is not as prestigious. It is kinda like Sunset in that homes bunched up together but just up a mountain. SFW is just nice. Yeah, it doesn’t get the press like Pac Heights or the Marina might get. I don’t care. You tell your mechanic that you live in SFW, expect to pay double…:slight_smile:

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Great read. Miraloma park is pretty expensive now. Its houses are actually worse than Midtown Terrace IMO. Many are in steep slope with no yard. Yes I am pampered in my suburban ways and I need a yard.

I agree, a piece of grass that is all to yourself is nice. I really think that is why the Sunset is so desirable to some folks. You get pretty much a semi suburban experience in the confines of the Fab 7x7. Except for better weather, pretty much everything you really need and want is there. I am telling you, my wifey will not leave the Sunset without kicking and screaming. “Reliable” public transportation to downtown, plenty of grocery stores (chain or indep asian) and decent eats (arguable). It could well change soon with more inlaws coming online but for now, most Sunset (not all) areas have even great free street parking (yes, street cleaning days, watch out). And last but not least, it is relatively calm in the crime stats. With its relatively flat to moderate topography, perhaps why old folks even like it and stay to the very end. Want to buy my Sunset home, anybody??? :grin:

We don’t talk too much about Midtown Terrace homes. Let’s see what happens on this detached rancher…

That part of town makes me dizzy…

??? Why??? All the winding narrow streets that end in “view”???

Yes, always maze like and always getting lost…

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Pended!!! Let’s see how high this baby goes for…

Referenced fixer in Miraloma Park goes for 1.15M…