AOC is scarier than I thought

Did anyone watch her last night. Her green deal is not just about getting rid of fossil fuel. She wants a Cuban style revolution to change all of American society. Universal healcare living wage free college free housing infrastructure reform electric cars heating and planes.
She wants all of Americans to live her myopic Bronx lifestyle. Meaning hanging at her Bodega, using public transportation, ordering food to go and not having kids. She needs to take a road trip and discover the Americans outside her shithole neighborhood.
Similar to Cuba
Castro’s movement sought "political democracy, political and economic nationalism, agrarian reform, industrialization, social security, and education… sounds innocent and simple. Yet destroyed the country killed thousands and exiled 10x more


You only need free housing or free college. If you still need free housing after you go to college, you wasted four years of your life and a lot of taxpayer $$

Applies to living wage too. The problem is when everything is given for free the value is what you paid for it. My mother in law lives in free housing in Moscow. Hasn’t been remodeled since it was built in in the 50s

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And that’s what happened in Cuba too… Everything went downhill.


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AOC has ruined the reputation of the Democratic Party. Pelosi needs to find a way to get rid of this crazy commie

She thinks we should tax corporations 90% to give everyone a universal basic income.

We should tax the congrssman 90% first


Who exactly is AOC’s dress supposed to speak to???

AOC gets a donation of two tickets worth $60K, goes to a party without a mask on in a $1000 dress made just for her.

If Mother Teresa had gotten such a donation, she’d have sold the tickets to pay for food for her orphanage…

One really has to suspend disbelief that AOC actually cares about the poor in NYC…

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