Apartment Landlord Invests 200M In Airbnb Venture

I’ve been staying at a small airbnb apartment in Tokyo. It’s a very tiny and old place, but extremely convenient to everything. The owners are 50ish retired American military guy who is half Japanese (can speak, write, etc) and wife who is Chinese from Hong Kong. She speaks ok passable Japanese. Their place has about 17 units, but they told me that everytime one becomes vacant, they want to turn into airbnb until all airbnb. They can make more money this way. Their plan though is come to the US when their first born turns JHS age because they feel that education is better in the US - I agree with them. You can get much more rounded education in the US.

Sounds like the Tokyo leadership is not frowning on Airbnb like the BOS of the Fab 7x7 is…

A month ago or so I was invited to visit my wife’s niece Airbnb rental place in SF. After minutes looking for a parking space on one of those hills I gave up and came home.