Apartment Planned for Googlers Getting Killed by NIMBY

By “massive” they mean 5 stories.

Meanwhile MV’s rent control Measure V passed last November, but the California Apartment Association sued.

The hearing, scheduled for April 4, is focused on a request by landlord advocates for a preliminary injunction, which would continue blocking the rent-control law until a final judgment is made in the lawsuit. Up to this point, Measure V has been halted under a temporary restraining order, but that hold will be expiring.

Despite fierce and well-funded opposition, Mountain View voters approved Measure V last November. The new law was set to go into effect late last year, but it was halted at the eleventh hour by a lawsuit by the California Apartment Association (CAA).

The CAA’s suit claims the rent control measure is misguided and unconstitutional by infringing on private-property rights. Many similar arguments were made by the landlord group’s attorneys in their request for a preliminary injunction.

“It is not a property owner’s legal obligation to make his or her private property ‘affordable’ for the general public,” wrote CAA attorney Karen McCay in her injunction request. “Rather, it is an individual’s moral obligation not to live beyond his or her means.”

So CAA is testing @sfdragonboy’s legal theory that rent control is unconstitutional. Good luck with that…

Besides capping annual rent increases on apartments in Mountain View that were occupied prior to 1995, tenants would be entitled to ask landlords to roll back their rents to October 2015 rates. The rent control law also prohibits retaliatory evictions with a so-called just-cause eviction policy.

Remember: Friends don’t let friends buy multi-family in Bay Area.

Home prices will keep increasing.

The developers will give them a park somewhere. Heh…I LIVE in a park :slight_smile:
HOA has 80 acres they’re doing nothing with. We thought about a solar farm but PG&E doesn’t have the infrastructure to absorb and re-distribute the electricity. No chance of more housing going in although it would sure help spread out the costs of the water system and we have rights to more water than we can ever use (and no way to give it to anyone else).