Apple HQ2


manch is obsessed with whatever campus that would push up the price or rent of his SJ-evergreen house.


I need to buy something in berryessa or milpitas. North SJ is shaping up to be Santa Clara 2.0.


Please don’t remind me of Milpitas, my agent keeps pestering me for years, I didn’t buy any :disappointed_relieved:

Btw, why Berryessa or Milipitas and not directly in North SJ? Airport is too near?


Google also has property there if my memory didn’t fail me. Recently I pass by there a few times, see no signs of any new development. May be, I should drive inside rather than pass by.


Berryessa and milpitas have better schools. Asians are on the verge of taking over.


Sound good, any recommended zip codes? Not competing with you, exploring, at most buy one. I need to buy a lot more houses to generate the targeted cashflow :grin: So far, only 50% of target :angry:


Look at the bright side, not that you would move over there anyway, but fresh air is priceless.


I have no capital yet so haven’t done any detailed research. @myo knows the area well.

BTW do people know jerry yang used to live in berryessa?


Uh, less glass please…


Philadelphia is the top runner. It’s not a HQ, just a satellite campus


Apple should not bring their manufacturing back to US. Why pay more for steel and aluminum under tariff?


Ladies and Gentlemen,




I don’t know that much, just a rumor that the hills on East San Jose are looking so desirable now…:sweat_smile:



That building looks cool from the outside. I didn’t realize Apple even had offices here. Just add them to the growing list of companies opening or expanding offices in Seattle.


Have you bought? Seattle is the HQ of AI :slight_smile: So RE boom could last a long time.


The winter inventory was terrible, so I did a 6-month lease extension until mid-September. The way they price on shorter than 6 months is insane. It’s cheaper to sign 6 months and pay for a month I don’t use than sign a 5-month lease. I want to get into contract June/July. At that point, anything that’s been on the market 30-days will be more open to negotiating. I honestly care more about the land than the actual house.


Long term yes. Location, location, location. Then lot size :slight_smile: and then layout. Both my SV houses are about 8000 sqft, hard to find large lot in CU. Started off looking for 10,000, gave up and compromised :hugs:


Apple going to DC too?