Are ADUs worth it? Better detached or garage conversion?

What do you think of ADUs? My take is that it’s a good opportunity for additional income but at the same time, one might not want to welcome strangers in their backyard. So if ADUs are usually for family, wouldn’t it be more interesting to convert the garage into a living space? Or the basement? To accomodate guests/family. What do you think? Who you do it/recommend doing it?

Also, forgot to ask but would permitting be different with existing garage conversion (instead of adding an ADU in the backyard)? And property taxes?

There have been a few ADU threads. The consensus is don’t do it. It costs more than it will add in value. It also makes the property multi-family and more likely to fall under rent control.

I can’t image anyone building an ADU or any rental property ever again. The arrogance of the state to force landlords to provide rent free housing up to one year has destroyed the whole concept of building affordable housing.
Of course those of us in the business have known for 30 years that affordable housing was just a political fantasy.
BTW garage conversion is illegal in most cities. Seems they are much more concerned about parking issues than housing issues.


Hardly any ADUs have been built. Now thanks to tenants rights groups no rental housing will be built. Their greed and stupidity is cutting off their nose to spite their face.
If these tenants rights groups want credibility they should start building like Habitat for humanity.