Are insect foggers really flammable in a small space?

I want to put an insect fogger in an attic. These foggers say “not for use in a small space as the contents may explode.”

The attic is probably at most 5’ tall, angled (not a walk-in attic, but a shallow angle roof) and otherwise 20’x20’ with an attic fan at one end that is open but doesn’t work. Also has a heater. I know I need to shut off gas and power to the heater to prevent the pilot from being on.

For all I know it has vents as well that would allow airflow to the outside as well.

Should I really be worried about it exploding? I need to kill a sizable spider that might be a black widow (it’s upside down–shape matches, but i can’t see the belly, but it’s BIG). Its right above the attic door in a skylight, so I can’t figure out a good way to kill it that doesn’t involve it potentially falling on my head, and if it’s still in the skylight, it ain’t leaving because it clearly has a great gig going.


For first few years, we struggle to get the issue. We are next to park and next to mountain and all insects, ants…etc are common to enter. One of our neighbor pointed out to call clarkpest control.

Last few years, they regularly maintain pest control measures, there is no issue of any ants, insects,wasps g…etc.

We are subscribed to it, they charge $99/per visit (two months once).

Rakoons visit to eat earthworm or similar insects. Sometimes, we use them to spray at yards too.

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I should’ve called someone in March, but with the SIP, I didn’t. Now we’re travelling for a couple of days, and I don’t think I have time to call. I want to do this while everyone’s out of the house since the attic space is over 3 bedrooms.

Short term, you can visit home depot and ask for baits etc…they will help you, but long term, it is better to have the pest control. It need periodic maintenance.

Yeah, I went to HD. All the baits said don’t use in a small space. :frowning:

130 degrees will kill all insects. Measure the heat on a hot summer day. 130 for 5 hours should kill them all. Add heat if needed. In my attic at my farm it gets that often. No insect problem.

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I paid $450 per year, 4 times a year. Is a must if near parks and forest.

Insects are common everywhere where we spill food on the ground. Parks lot of food wastes are spilled over, insects are common.

I have even noticed Raccoons at Cupertino backyard.

But Near by forest, you notice all kinds of animals and insects, including Raccoons, Deers and snakes on the road/walkways. Recently, people witnessed cougar and Mountain Lion.

But $450 justifies the view from my window !

View from a window. A creek in the valley below. Is a gated community with a pond, a meandering creek, a walking trail and greenery. Because is a gated community and hardly any traffic, parents allow their mask free young kids race scooters along the roads almost daily.

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My take… Don’t worry about spiders. They are in attic. I assume this is like unfinished attic that you do not use. Spiders won’t cause damage to your property and I believe they are good for ecology (catch other insects).

On the other hand, if it was bees nest, hornets nest, or paper wasp under eaves (edge of roof), then I would get rid of those. And prevent rodent, field mouse, roof rats in crawl space or attic.

Our place is not as close to nature as Jill and hanera. We do have squirrels, mouse, raccoons, skunks in yard. Not much we can do. They do eat our garden produce. The mice come out at night and eat the flowers, preventing fruits.


Unfortunately, the attic has our heater in it. So if the heater needs to be serviced (again), then I have to get that spider out first. Also, I want to add an attic ladder, possibly run ethernet, get 220VAC run for a dryer and fix the attic fan. I can’t do any of those with this spider above the attic opening–if I were an electrician or HVAC and I knew there was a spider that large that is a black widow shaped spider, I’d be like “call me when you’ve gotten rid of it.”

Also need to check that the heater supports–it’s on a hanging platform–are intact as they were cracking when we bought the house.

Spiders are rarely a problem. Just hire help with attic issues. From my buddy on FB

Bayer … Carpenter Ant and Termite killer.
Buy it at Lowe’s. $20.00
Use 1 oz. per gallon.
20 oz in the container… it kills everything!
I spray my eves… once a year. No spiders! No webs!


DAWN dish soap kills many bugs. I have used it myself, wonderful stuff. Not a pesticide so safely does the job. If you have a sprayer I think it is usually 1 part soap to 3 part water but I have increased the soap part depending on the bug. I have used equal parts. If you go the pesticide route, Ortho Home defense from Home Depot is good. Either way, spray it directly and be careful.

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