Are we expecting big correction or small dip in near future?

So 2008 is big dip after at least 18 years based on Median House Prices in Bay Area. Also from Ray Dalio’s video below, we are going to have small dip along the way but big correction takes decade to come by.

So why are we scare or expect another big dip so soon?

Full report here:

I just found out Ray is shorting ASML. Lost all my respect to the man.

I don’t think we will see any correction in RE at all. The recent stock market crash will be short lived I think and we will soon go up again. The earning power of corporate America is getting stronger not weaker. There is some worries about inflation picking up but I suspect it’s overreaction.

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2008 was a once in a lifetime drop. There will be 5-10% drops but nothing 2008 big.


Wait after the mortgage interests hike up twice. Psychologically people will think twice before committing. I want wait to see what it is going to be like this fall. Last year it was active even after summer throughout Xmas and new year. Hopefully the market price stabilizes a bit. The real question is local employment. So many companies compete on same projects. Now if Google and Apple stocks both tumble another 10% then it will precipitate the fall.