Are we trapped in another housing bubble?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: HELL NO!

Are we trapped in another housing bubble? A rapid rise in home prices has some experts worried

Texas: 5.9%. California: 9.0%. I thought everyone in CA is moving to Texas?



Its worst than bubble. in Previous housing bubble atleast the construction costs were reasonable but now People staying home building apps (some with help of overseas labor) are rewarded with unlimited money. most of it useless. I dont see how wealth through services can maintain standard of living.
factories are closings, trade deficits are increasing, and the single most important industry Oil/Gas big ones are posting losses despite rising prices and capex cutting… and once energy supply chain uncompetitive Than see the impact on Agriculture and the whole import/export trade to North American continent will fall apart.
There is no lithium batteries that can move the heavy stuff on ships, planes trains, trucks

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What planet are you from?


He’s from the UK…



I thought he was living in Hong Kong.

I love the dire predictions though. He and I can be prepper siblings :slight_smile:

Which really brings up the point - at some point land is the most valuable thing you can own. Until the government takes it away.

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He is actually living in Buyinghouse’s basement.


You nailed it !!

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Wonder how buyinghouse is doing… I mean, now that the orange man is out of the office, maybe BH can chill a bit…

IMO, He mutated in to HK !

Speaking of bubbles or lack thereof, we got our house reappraised and refinanced it yesterday at 2.75%. Hopefully that’ll be the last refi.

The appraisal came in at around what market is and what I’m seeing on Zillow and RF which is not indicating a bubble to me at all. We bought around 1.8M and it came in at 1.9M.

That said, the appraiser was kinda sus. Do you guys ever have dreams where there are parts of your house you never knew were there? They come completely furnished, and sometimes in your dream, the rest of your family knew, but you never did… Well, apparently we have a couple of bedrooms that I’ve never seen before and a fifth bathroom, nicely decorated btw. Never seen them before, but they’re in the pictures of our appraisal :slight_smile: Probably someone else got two or three of our rooms as I couldn’t find the boys’ rooms anywhere in the document, plus our family room was missing.


I bet he is probably a millionaire by now, since has been on the BA Re gravy train for over ten years. Probably a Republican now. Lol

CVX cannot make money in ideal environment. The best managed of the big ones. California based.
upto 33% Capex cut.
Sky high LNG prices in Asia.
Weaker players out of business.
People moving out from cities to suburbia so more spread out population.
RE boom. who driving all those contractor Trucks and Vans?
what does it tell you?. every one sitting in there basement selling apps to each other.

Another metric. Qualcomm guidance despite chip shortages globally and higher prices still trending lower. California is becoming irrelevant. It has no role in Vaccines and easing global chip shortages.

Bid for a home at Mountain House, you will know who is driving the RE boom ! That jumped 52% YOY median increase !!

Those are people moving out from smaller and more expensive places in Peninsula and South Bay to much larger and newer homes with potentially solar installed.
It just show people can work most of time from home.
It does not change what i wrote. and ultimately these people will pay for the cities they living as there will be no new business in California again just like Japan. so property, safety taxes and various services will cost them much more than if they have moved entirely out of state.

you can rent out $2.5M home in Cupertino for $5500 a month. which will be same expenses as living in Mountain House but with better schools.

LOL! I don’t think he’s capable of becoming a Republican. He’d probably shoot himself first.

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Major price reduction. I think this realtor needs a math lesson


LOL. I wonder if some of the software requires that you type the price in with the cents 00 and it fills the . in while others require you type the . explicitly.

This trick has been tried by many realtors. It’s all intentional, not typo. Just marketing.

Yeah… that’s what they’d like you to think… I’ve emailed some who hadn’t caught the error.