Are You Paid Fairly?

The employees least happy with their pay: Walmart Labs, according to this poll. A senior software engineer there earns on average $131,000 according to Glassdoor. And 40% or more of employees polled at Spotify, PayPal, Spotify, Twitter said they weren’t happy with pay. Netflix peeps were happiest on pay. A senior software engineer there earns over $210,000 a year, according to Glassdoor.


HPE also pays pretty poorly it seems…

When looking at 10 of the hottest tech companies today, Microsoft has the most employees looking to move on in this poll: around 75%. Amazon also scored pretty high here, at around 60%. The most steadfast employees worked at Netflix, where respondents said they were most happy with their pay.

If they are not happy they can just bounce. No one is chaining them down. Some people always whine but never take any action to improve the situation.


May be they did :rofl: Not good enough to secure a higher pay job elsewhere? Don’t have the right skills anyway? Not everyone have the hot skills in data science, AI/ machine learning, robotics, and excellent software engineering skills. The best they can do is whine :sweat_smile:

If they can’t get higher pay, then they are fairly paid. There’s a difference in being happy with pay vs pay being fair for the market.

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I agree with you and I have worked for 6 companies in SV so far.
Never understood whining since if I was not satisfied then I moved.
Finding a new position is much easier way to bump your salary than getting promoted etc.
However, I guess this graph itself is well correlated with compensation for fresh graduates.

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I worked for a total of 4. Billpoint, PayPal, Apple, and … actually I don’t count that last one as official so let’s just say I worked for a total of 3… Done with that rat race!!! :rofl:

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If I were that janitor working at BART I will never quit. Rat race? What rat race? :smile:

He made more than senior software engineers at Netflix.

Cleaning the toilet is hard work… especially those Bart toilets… :face_vomiting:

Those people don’t want to go outside of their comfort zone. It’s easier to whine than to polish your resume, interview, and adapt to the new work environment.

Except the BART janitors never clean them. They just count their dollar bills in the storage closet.

Really… :rofl:

You lost the race :crazy_face:

So what??? It’s not the race I want to finish. There’s a new race for me which is 100x more exciting… :rofl:

Actually, I should’ve said I won the race… because I already raced to the finish line before 99% of the people could… :rofl:

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