Are you really looking for bargains in Real Estate?

I came back from my weekly tour of open homes and recruiting them Realtors for my business. Poor guys, they are getting desperate but happy at the same time.

I repeatedly told you guys you were missing the opportunity in ESJ. Homes on the lower range, $800K+ are receiving guests by the tens at a time. Oh well, not my thingy, that’s yours.

So, today, I drove in an area I never dared to drive on. I drove from McKee to Yerbabuena on White RD. that eventually turned into San Felipe Rd. I saw a couple of home sales, didn’t stop since I was late to meet one of my new clients, a taco Truck who understood in 5 minutes the beauty of leveraging his expenses through an IUL. This is just to let you know there are smart people out there.

But, I believe there are plenty of opportunities for you flippers or house hoarders out there, and for that you need to get your butt out of that comfy couch or chair and hit the streets.

I am going to give you an address, I believe I retained it perfectly in my dumb brain or memory. I saw this house with the windows and doors all shut as a sign of either on foreclosure or who knows, ready to be fixed and then sold on the market. I believe it was 3557 San Felipe Rd.

Keep in touch!

I know 3 homes in my block that eventually are going to be sold. Their owners are in retirement mood and trying to go somewhere else.

OK…here guys, you want land?

I was told, don’t believe me, a piece of land on the hills in San Jose.

819 Boulder Dr.

There’s another one by, 261 or 267. Land for sale.

Later on, I will send you a bill for my commission. :smiley:


2 hours ago one of my neighbors approached me. Precisely one of the homes I told you guys would be on the market any day soon.

Well, they sold it, beyond what I would expect since it is all beat up. Above $700K, and I am talking about ESJ.

Now, as I said, many ways to invest or look for a bargain. It seems, they had worked some deals with their lender, one of those ARMs deals. So, after 5 years, they had to come up with $4,200 to pay for the mortgage every month, which they could, if they could refinance. But they needed $60K for that. They didn’t ask me before the facts, so, they ended up selling it to the guy the bank recommended. It didn’t even go on the market :zipper_mouth_face:

I still have 2 homes on my sights. They are older couples, retiring pretty soon to either the Philippines or Florida.