Arrogant and Outrageous act by UAL!


Yes. Very popular for wives who have a list of things for their husbands to fix around the house :slight_smile:


Where a catheter on the plane…Like astronauts or EST students…lol


Yes, one def drawback to being a homeowner… you get to fix or pay for someone usually expensive than not to fix that house


Lucky for me, I’m not handy at all. No one would ask me.


What? Come on, you do some of the work at your properties, no?


Survived 2 flights with United. I can see why everyone is stressed out flying. So many people… Everywhere. SFO> EWR. Newark seems like it was updated recently but the layout is still odd to me and again Crowded.

Cheap flights are good but our infrastructure is under major strain.


Since there were no noticeable headlines from United, The Friendly Skies lately, I guess you didn’t hit the lotto or were sleeping during Professor Dao’s lectures. Oh well, back to JUST owning real estate then…:slight_smile:


Speaking of United…go and enjoy Italy and on your trip back, implement Dr. Dao’s lessons!!! Bingo, instant millionaire!!!


Keep adding fuel.


Nice try buddy…


Guy in Trump hat tried to be Dr. Dao 2.0 but in China? C’mon now. He’s lucky to still be alive.


3 1/2 hours waiting for this clown to get off? My goodness!




Damn, United can’t catch a break. They need to round up a few Buddhist monks or something…


Damn, we all should be shorting United!!!


Just came back from another RT flight on United. In addition I just purchased 2 more tickets with them for a vacation to Taiwan!

My g/f is hooked on their rewards program unfortunately.


At this rate, you will be the only ones on the plane…


Arrogant? Look at this…that will blow your mind!

What an abusive leader we have.