Arrogant and Outrageous act by UAL!


Obviously a flunkie of Dr Dao’s classes…


Uh, people are still traveling, sir, just maybe not on your airline…

How is it that this clown is still holding his job??? Haven’t we seen others with more minor offenses ousted by now???


Uhm… And drug testing revealed what?


United offers the worse experience at SFO…


Ok, gang, time to brush up on Dr Dao’s teachings…:slight_smile:


I have never been to Hawaii. Which island is best to visit?


Ok, general stuff…

Oahu is probably the island where you have heard of most (Honolulu, Waikiki, etc) and is a good start point. Now, it is as city as Fab 7x7 in the tourist parts but as you go say North it gets less crowded.

Next is probably Maui (where I proposed to my wifey at the Sacred pools. If she said no, I could have drowned her… just kidding, sort of) . Less busy than Oahu but not completely green like the other islands.

I haven’t been to the other islands, like Kaui or the Big Island, but others can clue you in on them. I hear they are nice and green and certainly less touristy but that is not my bag. I need some noise.

Tip: good time to go is in the Fall. Less crowds, kids are back in school and cheaper. Less hot too but decent weather still.



Two thumbs up!!!

Dr. Dao


Did this get posted yet?


The Big Island unless all you want to do is sit on a beach. The Big Island has the US"s only active laminar flow volcano, a green sand beach (rental cars not allowed), awesome waterfalls, black sand beach, really awesome snorkling, Kona coffee roasting, plus in the middle of the Island you can go stargazing on the top of Mauna Kea which has some of the best stargazing ever. Telescopes are set up on certain days of the year, but without a lot of ambient light, you’ll be amazed at how many stars are actually in the sky.

I recommend taking a helicopter ride over the volcano, especially if it’s actively flowing. Really awesome.


In addition Kealakekua Bay has the best snorkeling


Big island has limited beaches and restaurants


I think that’s one of the places we went. Absolutely amazing!


Or if you’re like elt1 and live volcanos and wildlife don’t impress you, just go to Oahu or Maui.


I like Oahu… best waves, best beaches, best food…I have a free place to stay near Kona…Prefer Oahu…Big island is rural and rugged…Definitely good for touring or staying in all inclusive resorts north of Kona town that cater to newly weds and nearly deads…lol


Love Oahu…but then again I am a city kid…I shrink if away from concrete too long


My friends in Kona complain about the Vog


United is clearly the absolute worst of airlines. It’s just rotten to the core.


I repeat, how is it that CEO Munoz’s head is still attached to his body???


Is it me or does UAL mostly harass old people, kids, pets and minorities?