Arrogant and Outrageous act by UAL!


Out of topic: Gee! Women are taking revenge after years of being not credible when these things happen. You should watch that program, its name goes away, oh, catch a predator. Man! Indians, Chinese, Hispanic, White, Black people, you name the color, size or race and nationality, bunch of perverts everywhere!


OMG, how can I finish my burrito after reading this???


Welcome to the future of flying. TSA administered enemas before you get on the plane. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just saw a video, a 10 years old, white kid, being patted down for 10 minutes before boarding the plane.

I was laughing at the stupidity of why they didn’t politely asked the kid to take of his shirt. They patted him down twice on his shoulders and underarms. None the less when they touched his…you know, the male version of what the president likes to grab. Duh!


So sad buyinghouse… :frowning: I worry about this for my kids. It’s never ok to have someone touch you there unwanted, especially not a government official.


That happens because we ventured into the hornet nest by going to destroy the harmony the Middle East had for centuries or millenniums when invading Iraq and Afghanistan, and Lebanon, and on and on.


Hey @Jil is this arrogant and outrageous enough for this thread???


As long as Rats are not there, it is fine, right?


Well, I guess in your rats story, they could have euthanized all of the passengers so that the rat could have a plane all to itself. :grinning: Kinda like this woman who scored…


How about this one.


How about great flight deals to Asia and Europe…

I’m look at going back to Taiwan later this month/early Feb. I can go roundtrip for ~$480…




At least they didn’t tell people to just pee in their seats!!!




Geez, I wonder what was served for lunch…:astonished:


This one is from British Airways.


Ha!!! Brilliant.



Here’s another one. United kicked out a woman trying to get home to see her mother before she died.