Arrogant and Outrageous act by UAL!


Woman denied boarding on UAL with emotional support peacock!

You can get a validation for an emotional support animal on the internet for $100.



Uh, Grasshopper,

Wrong airline!!!

Dr. Dao


Ha! Support peacock eh? Never heard of it!

I think I might have to side with UAL on this one.


Plane falling apart mid air. :smile:


WTH has happened to United, the “Friendly Skies” airline? It used to be pretty good overall, no?


Even if the engine shut down completely the plane can fly well with just 2 engines operating. the plane made an emergency landing due to vibrations in the engine. In other words, the customers were uncomfortable with it.


Just survived another flight on United. :smile:

this time only to LA


These people were removed from a Transavia flight for getting in an argument over flatulence.


Ok, UAL trying to reverse that negative mojo…:grinning:


Bravo!!! Bravo!!!



Staying home and working on my taxes…




These are just gimmicks; ultimately you do need to use your credit card points/miles which are worth something and not pennies on the dollar like they advertised.

Also, people should spend their energy on actually earning the money for first class seats instead and not trying to game the system. Not worthwhile IMO.






Oh, never mind…not available in Cali…WTH!!!