Arrogant and Outrageous act by UAL!


Sin City…why would you be surprised???





I am suing United Airlines. They among others have made the flying experience so miserable, I would rather drive:sunglasses:


What happened? You took Dr. Dau’s quick learn course for 3 easy payments of $99???:grinning::grinning::grinning:

(To this day, we still haven’t found out how much he got…)


I actually had a free ticket because my plane was grounded after several injuries due to turbulence near New Zealand. Had another flight cancelled due a flight attendant strike at SFO.
I hate UAL especially at the zoo at SFO


Actually, I am flying UA out to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow. Time to breakout some, dare I say it, Crazy Rich Asians acting to get that payday Dr Dao would be proud of???


I got stuck in New Zealand for three days. In shitty weather. United offered nothing. Then finally a free ticket. But I never used it because was just for one person and I didn’t plan on traveling alone during the limited time it was offered. The other time the strike ruined my vacation over Thanksgiving.
Sorry UAL sucks




The payout though. Worth it


Again, most likely $5M, or more??? God, we need to know even to this day, Dr. Dao!!!


Well played, Sir, well played…



Me too. They showed my 2 year old son a rated PG 13 movie without my permission.


Lesson here: Don’t mess with rich black guys. They aren’t afraid to sue and already have a lawyer who works for them.


Come on, @Terri!!!


Where are the snipers?