Arrogant and Outrageous act by UAL!


OK. Doc’s done. Next up, giant rabbit:

10M for the rabbit?


wow, that’s a big axx rabbit right there, mine is like 1/10 of the size.


Next Superbowl ad by United…



$5m?..Dao is a smart gambler


Saw some rumor on WeChat saying United paid 140M !! :scream: :scream: :scream:


Yeah, my wifey must have saw that too… I said no way. Come on, most people already forgot about it and have moved on to the next topic. As I told her, if United fares were even 10% off are you going to be so noble and say heck no? Of course not right? You go on with your life and fly the friendly skyies as if nothing ever happened…


That is his Entire Family+Generation Retirement ! Let me forget real estate or stock investment and keep travelling in UAL forever until they drag me out !


Never, ever, overlook the docile, frail-looking Asian gentleman…he could be a SHARK!!!


Apparently a poker player, one can definitely say he played his hand well…very, very well.


Really? You think it’s worth it to get injured, traumatized, and labeled? Have any of you stood up to law enforcement like that and survived without any emotional scarring?


Obviously, we are doing the Monday morning quarterbacking on a Friday no less. Mr. Dao is fine and I am sure he is recovering from his wounds very, very nicely. No one in his/her right mind, even going back to the actual event, thought for a sec that they would actually drag the poor, poor (oh, not poor anymore) doctor out of the airplane, right? Again, we are just speculating that he got maybe 5-10M…maybe it is more…Sad, but money does heal all wounds/insults/future Late Night jokes, etc…:slight_smile:


I’m going to stereotype even more.

If he was a really Asian parent, all the emotion scarring is worth it for his kids, grandkids, and future kin.


He did not earn it from working hard, being diligent, or making smart choices. Not exactly a great way to obtain a sense of freedom.

140 million can be blown through by one generation.


We know… we know… not exactly a great role model, eh, for the impressionable future Asian generations??? Well, what can you say? I don’t think it is that much (140M) but I certainly would love to test out your theory by trying to get rid of even 5 or 10M in the rest of my own life. I probably couldn’t do it…honestly


Oh well. People done a lot worse for a lot less. I think him and his kids are doing fine anyhow. Many of them are doctors?

Look I’m not here to condone him. I thought he should’ve complied orders in the first place.

It is what is it now. I’m just here BS’ing .


Well, let’s twist it around for fun and see how we can spin it positively for little Johnny and Jane to understand and appreciate. Ok, Dr. Dao stood by his principles and because of that he received a reward for doing so. Yeah, yeah, I like it…:slight_smile: Go with that…


Dao is supposedly from Vietnam. .At his age he probably saw lots of trauma in the war… .He is probably a tough son of a gun…He had enough of being bullied by airlines( like the rest of us) and took a calculated and lucrative risk…He should double down on his new found fame/wealth, write a book and do the talkshow circuit…He can become a brand like the Kardashians. …lol


I could be wrong, but for some reason seeing Dr. Dao naked just won’t really be fun times, ya think???


Well he might become a cause celeb in the gay community…He might be able to get more from the cops using the Federal anti discrimination statues. …He can become a money making machine. .