Arrogant and Outrageous act by UAL!


One day stock drop costed more than Billion Dollar to share holders. If big share holders go after CEO in law suit, he will likely lose his position, like the way happened to Wells Fargo CEO !

The money is to silence him forever so that CEO keeps his pay check/income !


Gee! All the sudden I am laughing while reading you guys saying some good, dumb and smart and funny things.

Is there a statue of limitations concerning being dragged into an airplane as they did with me in 1990? How much can I get? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No kidding you. I didn’t want to ride a plane and they forced me to do it. Can you believe that?

Will it being dragged by the immigration officers into a plane departing for my country of origin count as a violation of my civil rights?:stuck_out_tongue:


Next time just pee in your pants.


Next time, do as the monkeys do. Sling chit all over. Case closed!


5M or 140M? That’s a $135M question.


I think you’re absolutely right on this. He experienced the war. He also fled Vietnam via one of the most dangerous path out of Vietnam: got on a boat,sailed deep into the ocean, and waited to be rescued by international ships, before getting killed by diseases, hunger or storm.

The $140m settlement sounds too much to be true. Though I am sure he has more than enough to enjoy his golden years of retirement.


When public company is behind the scene of accountability, you get paid, but when government is behind the scene of accountability, you get jail ! Which you prefer?


Now, I understand why UAL rushed for early settlement !


Flying used to be like this back in the 60s…


flying experience should be like this


Just get me to point A to B.

People keep voting with their wallets. Simple as that.


I don’t think Dao got that much. Probably $5-$10mil

On the other hand, when I travel, I take care of my family, my kids and I treat my wife with so much respect…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know the feeling when I am waiting for my wife to get ready…you go Donald!!!:slight_smile:



In any other company, this dude would be on the street by now… Major FAILURE!!!


People need to chill:


The brawl was captured by Corey Hour, a Phoenix-based videographer who was sitting a few rows behind the men.

Hmmm, how suspicious… Hey, after Dr. Dao hitting the lottery it wouldn’t surprise me…


Now DAL, posted now !


The airlines have reduced seat sizes, gouged people for baggage and treated passengers like cattle for years…Now that passengers are fighting back, why is anyone surprised?


I think more like domestic airlines. I have great experience with singapore and cathay pacific.