Arrogant and Outrageous act by UAL!


And SG is usually better than Cathay.


SIA girls are of many races.
Cathay has only Cantonese girls :smiley:.


Wifey already bought her direct flight to Singapore (Singapore Airlines) out of SFO for December. She hasn’t been back home in many moons. With my work schedule, rentals and senior mother, I probably won’t join her (especially for 3 weeks). God, cooking for myself is gonna suck…


singapore flight attendant service, seat better,cathay hk girl more got that bitchy attitutde you can tell sometimes
But food cathay better, and pre-flight before entering the plane cathay organize better, not as chaos as singapore someitmes.


The guy is right.
If allowing a kid entering the plane with a car seat, both of them, so they could sit down on a seat they paid for is not a sign that some idiots don’t know what’s going on, it is an insult to anyone with a brain in that skull.


Come on, how do you expect to get paid if no broken skin involved???


Dr. Dao


This guy is stupid, he should not back down and try to get beat up. trade a couple punches in the face for a couple million.


Exactly, my son… you would have been a fine student of mine!


Dr Dao


Dao needs to cash in now…Talk shows, a book, and a martial arts studio franchise


You are too smart ! Yes, he needs to cash further…


You can just order takeout from your San Tung brothers.


God, every day (except Wed, when closed) for three weeks, even I would get sick of the wings… I can always go to Yummy Yummy next door. Your Dragon Beaux place would be too expensive for even one person. I guess I can go back to college cooking days. spaghetti, bbq chicken and grilled pork chops. Luckily, there will be a few holiday parties sprinkled in there to bail my sorry arse out…(hey sfdragonboy, why is your doggie bag so huge???)


Good time to swing dennys. Let me know if you need company.


God, I would rather have a few Habit burgers before that…


Stick to in and out burger. Denny’s isn’t worth it. We went there on a trip and it wasn’t good at all. Even my son refused to finish his hamburger.


Not all airlines are the same:


I like Southwest.
They have been always cooperative whenever I want to change my flight because I arrive at airport too early. (During business trip, I often ran into such situation.). They were supposed to charge in this case, but often let me get on the earlier flight without extra charge.
Price is reasonable and never had any issue with service either. Most of all, tons of flight from SJC (the cleanest airport in US, it is hard to tolerate bad smell in SFO…) to many places.


So no Denny’s? How about KFC?


Noooo!!! Come on, who would have thunk it that a KFC franchise would be put out to pasture? That one on Irving Street in that Sunset commercial corridor (20th?) closed down. I guess people’s eating habits have changed, but I could swear the KFC on Taraval is always pretty crowded.


Sure. That would be fine. :slight_smile:

You can eat at Popeye’s too.