Asia Pacific Stocks


Can’t buy using an US account, invite audit and harassment by IRS. Need a Hong Kong account which I don’t have.

Wisdom is knowing what not to do eg don’t use US account.
Intelligence is knowing what to do eg buy BABA.

You can buy using a Singapore account. Or just use IB, which lets you buy in any market in the world.

No skin in the game = BS.

Preaching something you don’t do yourself = Ultra BS.


You need to report foreign financial assets to IRS using Form 8938 annually… when I said Hong Kong account, I mean break the law and don’t report… f… I need to talk in clear.

If it’s as bad as you portrayed, that itself is a HUGE negative investing in Chinese stocks.

Chinese stocks will implode based on that reason alone. US can force its rules on everyone because it owns USD. Even Hong Kong dollar is pegged to USD.


For small retail investors like us. Big boys have political connections, they can. Our best option is invest in companies that have international exposure or MSCI.

That’s correct. Is why every nations are eager to get out of USD prison.

I guess it’s the same as real life prisons then. Prisoners are always eager to escape but can’t.

Such is life. Deal with it.

Looks like after the foreign minister gone missing, the defense minister may also be missing.

I like our new ambassador to japan.


Wonder what all these highly paid executives think about this.


Burner Laptops and Smaller Profits: Firms Portray Their China Challenges

Business groups chronicle the difficult environment inside China for U.S. and European companies navigating confusing regulations and an intensified security focus.

Thought the U.S. Office Market Was Bad?
Try China World’s No. 2 economy has a huge oversupply of unneeded office space, in latest sign of country’s weak growth

50 steps laughing at 100 steps.

Talking about China?

China’s tertiary education attainment rate is actually not that high. China just sucks at providing jobs to their young people.

For people aged 25-34, China’s tertiary attainment rate is 27%. US is 46%.


Numbers are significantly higher in 2023.

If you use the 2nd table in that Wikipedia article, the corresponding rate in the US is over 51% vs 36% in China. Again, US is much higher than China.

You may say that China has too many college graduates given its level of development. That’s the chosen path of the CCP. Nobody else to blame but itself.


Funny way of assigning blame.
No marching order to force Chinese to get a tertiary education.
Is free will.
Early success of those who earned tertiary education have spurred over-optimism in the later generation.

Btw, I didn’t do any DD but casually noted globally, more and more people try to get tertiary education thinking they will have better life with a degree*. I recall when I was in Singapore, Singaporeans often said there are too many jobless graduates. I believe in current society, there are too many people going for a degree*.

Note*, there is even a college thread in this forum, All about College!

If I have to assign blame to current societal behavior, I would blame the social media. Social media over-dramatizes successes, failures and opinions… very toxic… hope we learn how to manage…

You are Chinese. You don’t need to look far to know that earning degrees and passing exams are a cultural obsession. It started 1500 years ago with the introduction of Keju in Sui Dynasty. Ever since every Chinese man and their families have only dream and that is to ace the Keju exam.

You don’t know the Chinese phrase

“In the books there are houses made of gold. In the books there are beautiful women”?


Did you not settle your family in Cupertino because of its strong schools? No need to blame social media for something 1500 years old and still going strong.