Asset Based Loans

This is an interesting product:

It’s for owner occupant. My contact said they even have products for rentals that don’t look at reserves, but rates are not as good as owner occupant.

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That’s dragonboy’s contact (Tracy)'s firm.

Time to use your stock portfolio to buy your PA dream house.

Are you imposing your personal desire onto others?

GMCC has a really aggressive “ stated income “ program with 1 points and 5.5 or under and 30 years fixed with 20-25% down

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Buy in Austin! 1309 Pasa Tiempo 6/5.5/2 5180/1.12 acres asking $1.27 M

Are you imposing your personal desire onto others?

Only upon @manch. You want to be imposed upon?

Fine. Impose upon me… :rofl:

That’s marginally better than 2 bedrooms townhouse in Sunnyvale or Cupertino. Might need plan of attack on cleaning the house though, that could be your full-time job.

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Maintenance nightmare!!! :scream:

Get iRobot for cleaning and mowing :grinning:
Cleaning counter tops as exercise, jog while cleaning.