At what age do people stop shopping at Ikea?


So would you rather have the cheapest stuff and definitely have it destroyed? I mean, if that’s ok with you, then go for it, but seems like a loss to have to replace it every 5 years.

The only reason that our rental is in as good shape as it is, is that the guy who built the house got stuff that lasted. The kitchen and DR floor is 60 year old asbestos sheets. And they are indestructible. Ugly, but indestructible.


Obviously, durability is taken into consideration @Terri but realistically on rentals most people are not going to go top shelf ok? Obviously it depends on the property, rent price point, clientele, etc… I am sure a lot of owners have been burned on more than one occasion from tenants who did way more than what is considered wear and tear. Like I said before, when you become an owner for a number of years you most likely will sing a different tune…


Owner’s before us definitely did Ikea kitchen and less than 5 years later it’s starting to show - would never choose to do based on this experience


I like Ikea kitchen’s look. But if quality is a concern, where should I go for similar blink but better quality? Hopefully it won’t break the bank?


I remember seeing similar shiny cabinets at East Star (Chinese shop) in SF location. I was surprised, but it might be in the trend now.


I believe the Sincere chain store has decent styles that do not necessarily scream “Asian” but pricing is probably higher at this store. Nice place to browse though…


If you actually like the look, then go ahead and buy the stuff, but I recommend an extremely durable countertop. Do not use the cheap IKEA counter, or you WILL be replacing it at the end of a stay. Sfdragonboy can beat me over the head for this, but given that a lot of countertop cost is manpower, I’d still go for the most durable rather than the cheapest.


Chinese granite counter tops (not custom, cut to order) is as cheap as can be and is quite durable…


That look is super outdated though. It’d cost you 100K+ if you try to unload such a house in SF. Well maybe in Sunset people don’t mind… :wink:


I think we have been to East Star and even bought something there. Need to check with my wife.

Did not know about Sincere. Will check it out.


Sincere has been one of the first retailers doing the granite and etc. Pricing is higher though in general but they do have a good showroom and displays. Gotta pay for somethings… Oh, Granite Expo (yes the Martin Yan commercials) I used to venture to (in Emeryville near Home Depot if I recall)

Agreed about the granite but you can’t say they aren’t durable and cheap… can’t have everything


Don’t granite countertops have the potential to crack, especially at the sink where they’re thin?

What about one of the composite countertops–one that is designed to withstand heat in case someone takes a pot and sticks it straight onto the counter, plus designed to withstand being cut on? If that doesn’t exist, just let me down gently :slight_smile:

I guess there’s also tile, but I hate tile. The gunk in the cracks is just disgusting, and you have to maintain the grout.


For those on a budget you might consider E3 in Burlingame for cabinets. I purchased the white shaker three years ago for a home in the East Bay. These are knockdown or RTA cabinets with 5/8 ply and no particle board see link, very similar to Kraftmaid sold at the big box stores at a fraction of the cost. I installed

I also purchased three slabs of Gray Wolf Quartz at East Star and had them install, that doesn’t fall within my skill set.
They did a fantastic job with basic tools, angle grinder and diamond drill bit. The look is similar to this link,
I have hardwood floors and installed Dal arctic white subway tiles. Very easy and inexpensive to install.


I have used granite prefabs for a long, long time now. I have not ever encountered a cracking situation like you indicated or heard of it from others in the club. Granite is pretty tough stuff. Personally, I put in custom Cambria engineered stone in my home since it does not require maintenance. No one in their right mind does tiled countertops anymore (for the exact reasons you mentioned).


I’ve seen one cracked countertop, but I don’t remember if it was granite or marble. It was on the front of the sink within 4 months of installation :frowning: I’m glad you’ve had better luck.


Yeah, not sure what issues there are with marble. I suspect the porous issue is one. Keep in mind that the situation you saw may be in fact due to poor installation. Think about it, if you have a good underlayer of solid wood that fully supports the entire countertop why would cracking occur? I can totally see the absence of support underneath causing the countertop to cave in especially if that section is thin.


This is the hot look! Me want!


Yea, granite is pretty tough, even the cheapo ones. I had black granite at my previous house in San Jose. Zero problem. Because it’s black you don’t see much dirt or burn marks at all. Now that I think about it black granite is the way to go for rentals.


The devil is in the details. Those are inset cabinets with a specific countertop installation and handmade tiles on the backsplash.


Translation: not cheap Mr. Fearless Leader…