At what age do people stop shopping at Ikea?


Chinese granite and cbinets are fine for rentals…The cabinet quality is good…Design appeal may be lacking but will tenants pay more for the hotest new designs…And wont the the latest designs be dated in five years?


I would never buy marble for a kitchen - it is a lot softer than granite, so it stains really easily, you have to seal it every 6 mo, and if you even leave anything on it cleaning wise for too long it can eat at the stone (same thing does not happen with granite) - not worth it - I’d go with a marble looking quartz - more durable

I also have never seen any cracking with granite at all


I guess I’ll be permanently old fashioned as I’ll always prefer granite. Quartz is OK, looks sleek, but it’s a petroleum product, not pure stone. I think the fad will fade but what do I know.


Grant does produce radiation. Is it comparable to cell phone usage?


Not really comparable types of radiation, but the granite is fairly low anyway. It’s not like you have refined uranium in your coubter


Thought it depended on the source. There’s some place where the granite is very radioactive (I think they produce pink granite), but others more low level.

It’s a really good question though. I’m not sure I’d want that right next to my ovaries and uterus if I was trying to have kids. If you’re leaning on the counter for an hour a day, that could add up.


Forget the granite. I went with engineered stone (Cambria) at least 10 years ago in my primary and the countertop has not become outdated in terms of look. No worries, no need to seal. KISS (keep it simple, stupid) applies here again…


Granite makes people nervous about radiation.

Why not use stainless countertop, or real wood countertop? There might be a better option than the stones.


For awhile there, wasn’t stainless kind of really popular to use? To me, looks too much like a restaurant kitchen (which I agree some folks like). Or, how about concrete? I have seen that on one of the fixer shows, where they poured it in to form the countertops. Bad thing with wood is that it is not durable enough and you can damage it. You may be able to fix it but it would be a hassle.


Does concrete look too much like tombstone? Watch out for Chinese superstition Mr. 8!


Wow, have not heard that one from my colleagues at our monthly Asian Superstitions meetings…:slight_smile:


I like concrete, but it costs as much as granite. For the same price, I choose granite.

My granite didn’t need to be sealed. Depends on porosity I guess.

Interesting about the radiation. I should do some research.


That’s some kinky stuff coming out of IKEA…