Attending UCs is too expensive

Because 43% of the students are subsiding the “57 percent of California undergraduates pay no tuition”.

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There is student loan available. What’s the point to provide financial aid? Everyone should get a student loan and pay back after graduation.

Free education can produce irresponsible nuts who will make America communism

“UC officials noted that financial aid covers all systemwide tuition and fees for California students with family incomes of $80,000 or less. With that, 57 percent of California undergraduates pay no tuition and an additional 20 percent have part of their costs covered by financial aid.

Also, administrative staff has grown 10x faster than the number of students.

California is what all the democrats are pushing in terms of free tuition for the middle class. Yet, California is one of the worst states for income inequality.

Income inequality is a good thing. We want that. The more unequal it gets the better.

I guess you don’t worry about the consequences of it. The real irony is democrats claim their policies reduce income inequality when real world examples show they increase it.

The only Democratic sin in inequality is their restrictive housing policy, but Seattle doesn’t seem to have that disease. Rising inequality is a global trend. Some people have seen their productivity increased very rapidly with the help of tech and globalization, and thus their wages are rising much faster. Some don’t benefit or even got hurt. It just so happens urban areas are the ones that benefit and most big cities are run by Democrats.

Inequality is very worrisome. Globalization has gone in reverse because the people who didn’t get a share are saying enough is enough. The recent backlash against tech is very much bipartisan. The two big drivers of inequality are under attack.

Inequality is a necessary condition, without which there wouldn’t be incentive for progress. So it shouldn’t be worrisome at all, but should be welcomed with open arms.

Also, same with the housing “crisis”. The more unaffordable home prices are, the better.

Politicians are liars and they say false things only to appease the gullible crowd and prevent protests. But in reality they must do what’s right for the economy.

Are AOC and Bernie Sanders politicians or what?