Austin Expected to be Nation's Hottest Housing Market in 2021, Leading a Sunbelt Surge

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Wonder if locals like the new seller’s market, besides ex-Californians such as @hanera who has suitcases full of Californian money…


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The hottest market in the country is South Lake Tahoe. Prices in the low end went up $100k in one month. No inventory. Listings sell in a couple of days. Same in Reno and Carson valley. Meanwhile I had no idea how bad things are in SF, Newsom is destroying his hometown. Remember a year ago when Nancy was begging people to come to Chinatown?

Following a tip from @harry185:

I moved my family from California to Austin, Texas, and regretted it. Here are 10 key points every person should consider before relocating.

If you are paywalled out, here’s the archive link:

Let’s just jump to the conclusion:

It would take a lot of money to buy a “California-like” lifestyle in Austin. If you’re moving to Austin, make sure it’s because of the things that it offers (downtown lifestyle, BBQ, football, live music, nice houses, professional opportunity) and that you won’t miss the things you’re leaving behind (good weather, public spaces, etc.).

It was an expensive mistake, but my family and I now see California in a completely new light. We feel very fortunate to be living in the Bay Area.

He moved for the wrong reason :roll_eyes: Lack of public space? Compare to which neighborhood in Bay Area? Tons of public parks, scenic roads and good views of mountains and lakes in NW Austin.

Wanting lifestyle as CA? He is nuts. Is like @manch expecting HK lifestyle in SF.

He quoted so many :+1: about Austin. Well done.

I guess he didn’t notice the strip clubs and BBQ

Austin may make sense for young people bootstrapping from nothing. Makes zero sense for rich retirees like @hanera. Larry Ellison may have moved Oracle HQ to Austin, but he himself moved to Hawaii.

Why penny pinch when you’ve already made it? Enjoy life a little. Instead of making do with hell, enjoy life in heaven.

That article mentions horse flies. I remember those from my Minnesota days. They are the flies that bite. Super annoying and kills any fun in the outdoors.


That would be Austin. You’re in the wrong place. Since you insist, reading the article now,

First off, don’t think he is comparing :green_apple: with :apple: .

Taxes: Good that he push backed on the myth that property tax in Austin is high - actually is cheap in absolute dollar.


We were paying $400 per month during the summer and winter and we were uncomfortable (our thermostat was set to 79 degrees F in the summer, and 65 degrees F in the winter).

His house is leaky. My house is 3500 sqft, summer set to 78, winter set to 73. Electric bill is $100-$150 per month.


…watering about 10,000 square feet of grass would have easily been $300 to $400 per month. New sod? Try $1,200 per month, for water.

He is also an actor? Mine is a new sod since is a new house. Water bill is only $50-$75 per month. Did he water his lawn daily? Only need 2 inches per week during summer and 1 inch during winter.

We thought living in Texas, stuff would be cheap, but with so many people moving to Austin, the service industry is in red hot demand. Expensive pool maintenance, expensive landscaping services, expensive home repairs, expensive dining and movies.

Fine dining everyday? Did he try to live like royals? Michelin quality restaurants in the domain don’t feel expensive, sure he has $?

…most anyone who can leaves Austin for a month or two during the summer to escape the heat.

I come from tropics :sunglasses: Feel at home during Summer. I love hot and humid.

…Texas weather is hard on houses. Hail storms will ruin your roof, torrential rain and scorpions will get inside.

Mine is a metal roof :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yet to see any scorpions. His house is badly constructed (water get in, insulation leaky…). Did he check who is the builder before buying? I bought from the well known premier builder, Scott Felder.

…lack of public spaces.

Don’t know what he is talking about.

… your yard in San Diego is living space and in Austin it’s not.

Not in SJ too :upside_down_face: Anyhoo, he bought a shit house in a shit neighborhood. Every day I see kids playing in the backyard, some people built a pool with slides, many with trampolines, kids cycling, kids on scooters on the private roads (mine is a gated community).

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“Cheap” housing in Austin:

I had said this moons ago, Austin DT is almost as expensive as SF. Go search your forum for verification.

Now you understand why I said Alder is not comparing :apple: with :green_apple:? He is essentially comparing SF DT with ESJ.