Austin Officially Dethroned

According to the latest statistics from Zillow, Austin has relatively fallen out of favor with home buyers compared to other markets in terms of one year expected appreciation. Here are the expected appreciation numbers for 2020 from Zillow

Walnut Creek, +0,1%
Nashville, TN, +0,4%
San Francisco, +1,4%
Austin, TX, +2,1%
Phoenix, AZ, +2,3%
Yucca Valley, +3,3%
Desert Hot Springs, +4,1%
Twentynine Palms, +8,2%

Does this mean what I think it means? Time to pull up stakes in Austin, Phoenix and Nashville and focus on low-tax growth markets that pay real dividends? I see the top returns are all Inland Empire locations, no surprise there.

Where in inland empire?

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East of LA

I know where Inland Empire is, but it’s a huge place. Where exactly in IE? Are college towns like Riverside any good?

He is referring to Twentynine Palms.

That’s Palm Springs area. Inland Empire is Riverside and San Bernardino areas which are in the LA influence. Palm Springs is outside the commute zone. Vacation home and retirement area.

160 miles to the coast. 4 hour drive. Basically in the middle of nowhere

Here is an article mentioning strong demand in the Inland Empire for self-storage:

You are wondering best spots in Inland Empire to invest or what do you mean? I like Yucca Valley, Palm Wells. I also like Hesperia and Phelan but they are not booming as much yet. In-N-Out owns land in Phelan, Hesperia and Yucca Valley but I am not sure what the plans are. Starbucks is opening a new store in Twentynine Palms.

Other than Inland Empire, any other good markets to look at? Thank you

Yes, I mean where in IE you are looking? I know nothing about that area except maybe Riverside.

I have at least one more house to buy in the Bay Area and will see what to do after that.

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Curious on where in BA are you thinking?

Thought you’re staying out of Cali because of rent control and jce

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He is staying away from Multi-family. SFH is still gold in BA.

He said he would buy 1 per year, now only 1 more to buy.
House prices in BA vary from few hundred thousands to few million dollars.
Recall he said he wants to buy in Millbrae :slight_smile:

RBA only for Manch

Maybe SF, maybe Millbrae. Still thinking, and waiting.

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