Average Millionaire’s College GPA is 2.9

GPA isn’t important for success if you want to be a millionaire - Business Insider


I am actually more interested in their parents’ GPA.

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What was your GPA? You can high five your daughters for getting B-'s.

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Mine is not particularly high. Don’t even remember. Maybe something like 3.6?

Gpa in college means little unless you are planning graduate school

High GPA means a high degree of brain washing. I had high GPA and I had to unwash my brain for some time. Unwashing seems to be harder than getting a good gpa


High GPA means being good at doing what you are told. Billionaires are good at doing what they are not told. Good at breaking rules and following their own path.

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Isn’t that top 10%? Anyhoo is an insult to your clan, should be 3.9x :grinning:

College? 3.9? 3.8?

Most of the famous people has average GPA or worse. Hillary Clinton couldn’t pass NY bar exam. Even the former dean of Stanford Law School couldn’t pass California bar exam and had to move out of California.

College? I thought College doesn’t rank?

Well, I was the valedictorian in my high school. I have the brain, and the money… :rofl:

I think it’s the same anywhere. The best engineer rarely becomes a billionaire. The key to become a billionaire is a vision, ability to handle many different things.

Not a billionaire though, and not on the path to billionaire as well :rofl:

Yeah I should be ashamed.

Even though not a billionaire, still way better than you.

What’s your number? At least I should have a goal :joy:




The article is talking about millionaire, not billionaire.

Same thing just different expectations

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