Bad inspection. Water in crawlspace

Hi- hoping for some buying advice. Inspection came back that the crawl space has historically had up to a foot of water and leaking toilet grey water. No structural damage but there is white mold growth. So all I’m about 30k worth of issues in the inspection that the owner didn’t expect On a 200k accepted offer. Hard pill for them to swallow but willing to work with us. Any advice for negotiations? Go for lower price and fix ourselves, walk away, Ask for 110% of fixes in escrow? The complication is this is a vacation rental and is heavily rented for the next couple months. Delay closing lose rents but don’t want to assume liability for mold.

The house I grew up in in Stanford was near the bottom of a hill and had a foot of water in the crawlspace every winter for over 30 years before we put in a sump pump. When it sold in 2018 there was some minor damage to one footing we had to fix.

I don’t know about mold. I suspect this is more serious issue.

As for water in crawl space, that is fixable. One solution is sump pump, just pump the water out. A more comprehensive solution is to correctly grade the the earth away from the house plus add French drains around the house. This can cost a lot, as you might have to dig up and replace existing driveway, patio, etc.