Bakersfield, Come On Down!

Most affordable equals least desirable

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And that’s where most investors miss…who would have thought of EPA or Oakland…:crazy_face::crazy_face:

I know someone who bought a new house in Bakersfield a few years back due to a job, but she later moved back to LA and left the house vacant (still vacant now) because there is no rental demand.

Merced, and so many not famous cities saw people coming and going. But I believe my glorious idea that the big companies sprawled their businesses around the bay area are coming true. Amazon, Tesla, and other companies are moving into this small towns.

You got to be on top of the news, basically on top of the “undeveloped ideas” from these companies debating or planning to move some where, maybe that town you have not heard before.

Yes, not as news worthy as Amazon HQ2 but still… SHAFTER, CA???

Nobody? So many opportunities in the (formerly :smiley:) great state of California.

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Bako is back. For all the Texas fans on here it is Texas in California. Cheap housing and lots of oil jobs.
My lot that has been ignored for 15 years is actually getting offers.


I lived there for 3 months, so depressing.

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