Bank Deregualtion

Seems that bank Deregualtion is a done deal with 12 senator democrats supporting

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Music to Jeff’s ears???

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Big government is bad. A distributed power is much better than a big government. A big government is closer to dictarorship therefore evil. When government is too big, the damage would be much worse when some tycoons get a handle on the officials

The extreme form of big government is a kingdom.

Did you forget big banks caused the Great Recession? They haven’t reformed as seen by the Wells Fargo scandal and the JP Morgan Chase with the Whale of London. I think it is a mistake to let them do it again.


Even with the subprime crisis, we are still way better than Cuba and North Korea. Capitalism trumps communism. Small government trumps big government.

The powers in the deep state are pulling the strings. They got you hooked up to the stupid tax cuts which in reality were a handout for the rich. WB is an example, he got what? $29 Billion for free? Really? Meanwhile, people are reporting that, funny if you don’t mind, that their tax refunds are short hundreds of $s. They are asking where those $1K went to remodel your kitchen or buy a brand new car.

So, remember, republicans are always the base of anything wrong with the economy. There may be some people from the other party voting along, but they are in power.

The government is far more to blame.

That’s a very naive view. Banks are by definition super leveraged. They borrow short term and lend out long term. Great Depression and Great Recession showed what can go wrong if we were not careful. So only 10 years after the financial meltdown we are letting loose the monster again.


If you research, there’s a few family names from which you can’t hear anything from. The new billionaires have $ pocket change compared to them. They control what’s going on. And as far as I am concerned, the crash of the stock market or the housing market is a result of powerful people pulling the strings. For them, it’s like playing cards on the weekend with the neighbors. They control the presidency, and the legislative force.

So, regarding the housing industry or market. They will start giving away stated income mortgages as the last time we saw ourselves wondering what happened so fast. Once we reach that threshold, be ready, either to pull out, stay put, or to invest. Something is going to happen as the economy goes in cycles. Are we there yet? I don’t think so, but I am not an economist and some economists are saying we are kind of close to it.

Why? Because the stock market and any market is based on speculation and speculation is born out of somebody within the powers saying a thing that is not real but has leverage to sink the ship of the economy and in the process earn him lots of $ while we all lose.

And here is were I become political. We know we have somebody unrestrained, saying things for the sake or earning points, for retaining his voter base, and that’s not how the economy is rescued or improved, no, with sensible and well thought out economic legislation, not with BS. $29 Billions given to a billionaire while the poor people are seeing hard times, specially in the red states is a huge pill hard to swallow as something we should respect…or admire.

You and I are in the hands of that so called deep state. And it ain’t republican nor democrat.

Many democrats are against over regulation and we need to avoid extremes.

Extreme regulation will make big banks even bigger and hurt consumers

Moderate democrats won, liberal democrats lost

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