Banning Of Gas Water Heaters & Furnaces 2027

Come on, seriously???,be%20zero-emissions%20by%202031.

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"First they came for … "
“This is how liberty dies… to thunderous applause”

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Bonanza for contractors who will charge whatever they want when people try to beat the deadline.

You guys vote the politicians that enact the insane policies.

I left 6 years ago. I just got an email from California stating they were canceling my voter registration. For 6 years, I could have been showing up to vote or go online and gotten absentee ballots. Yeah, our election process is totally secure with zero room for fraud.


Signs of life in the Netherlands.

Ok, seems like technology finally caught up and we may have a true win-win solution. A heat pump water heater that works on 120!!! Yeah, a tad more expensive (new tech) for now but as more companies ramp up I would think prices will come down. You also get the annual usage savings and the tax break while saving Mother Earth!!!

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