BART Officer Unwilling to Take Police Report After Armed Robbery


Why even bother paying for these so-called cops?

But more surprising than being robbed at gunpoint, Mike said, was how a BART police officer following up on the robbery relentlessly discouraged him from filing a police report.

“She just came up with maybe five or six reasons on why not to make a report,” Mike said. “She said if you’re going to get new phones and wallets, why make a report? And then I insisted that something like this has to be documented, just to have if anything ever happened or if the ID’s or phones were ever found, it would be nice to have the police report. And she didn’t want to make the police report. She said it would be a waste of resources.”

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Illegal recording without consent?



That’s one way to lower BART crime stats. Convince people to not report them.



SF has the highest property crime stats in the nation.

Seattle is number 2



Another reason I bought outside Seattle. Liberals love to say drugs are a victimless crime and no one gets hurt. That is until a robbery happens when a home owner is home. That or tell the kids of drug addicted parents that there are no victims.

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Current law is a killer is not a killer until he/she is proven to have killed some people. So the “killer” can continue to kill as much as he/she wants until proven guilty. That is to say, criminals are more protected than ordinary citizens. You have better idea of how law should be?



I never heard anyone say drug use is a victim less crime. I have heard that about prostitution but that does apply if people are trafficked for it.



Really? A police officer is caught clearly screwing up and you are worried about if she gave consent to the recording!

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You haven’t read anything from all the people that recommends shorter sentences, early release, or no jail time for drug offenses.



Speaking of drug sentences, do we lock up people overdosing on opioids?



If it’s recorded without consent, you can’t use it in the court. Social media has made that irrelevant but she can still sue for damages if she lost her job.

To be honest, I think what she said is common sense to many people. If she was not a policewoman, what she said makes total sense. California has stopped prosecuting certain property crimes



No, she could not sue for damages. You can sue for damages if someone misrepresents something, for example, if she doctored the recording. It just can’t be used in court.



We spend tons of money trying to help them. Some cities even spend money creating safe injection sites.



I am just pointing out the widely different attitudes towards different types of drugs. Cocaine users should be locked up but opioids addicts are poor souls who need our help. Why the difference?



I don’t know. I’d punish all of them. I think the sympathy for opioids is the vast majority of them start with prescription drugs.

The prescription drug industry is crazy. I’ve been watching more and more documentaries on it. It’s all kinds of corrupt and majorly reason why our healthcare spending is so high.