Bartender posts TikTok video of $9.28 paycheck to highlight importance of tipping

Sidebar: TikTok is huge nowadays.

New norm.
15% - Below average service
18% - Average service
20% - Above average service

Out of control

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Hong Kong and Japan don’t usually tip. Yes, tipping is out of control. Why are we expected to tip Uber drivers? Or delivery guys? Aren’t they just doing their job? :thinking:

When will the service industry workers wake up, stop guilt-trapping customers to pay tips and demand legislation that their employers pay them minimum wage (or more based on skills)?

Why go thru this convoluted charade of tips because employer doesn’t pay enough? Cut thru the clutter, mandate service sector workers get paid the minimum wage and if that means businesses have to raise prices, so be it!

In Singapore, we ban tipping. And institute a compulsory fixed % service charges to be collected centrally by the business and distribute to the customer service guys.

Probably because good servers make way more this way. The bad ones get weeded out of the industry due to lack of pay. There’s no way good servers would want to give up their tip income for some higher, flat wage for all servers. It’d be a huge pay cut for them.

Then there’s the issue of businesses having to increase prices to pay the higher wages. There’s been issues in Seattle where the added service fee to allegedly cover higher minimum wage doesn’t 100% go to employees. Owners are keeping some of it as extra profit and/or using it to subsidize wages for non-tipped roles.

I still insist it is a broken model. All the issues arising out of current solutions are because current solutions are band-aids. If we mandate uniform minimum wage laws for all workers and shift the onus of recruiting and retaining talent on the employer, instead of guilt trapping the customer, it’ll help everyone.