Bathroom remodel cost

Heading into 2020, we’re now looking to do a little remodeling on our primary. We have 2 bathrooms that both need remodeling:

BR#1. Master
Our master bath is tiny. There’s a shower booth, where there’s an adjacent in-wall closet. We want to demolish the wall into the in-wall closet, so we can make the shower booth area larger. Besides that, everything needs to be updated - vanity, toilet, shower booth (door / floor/ tile).

Our guest bathroom has a shower tub. We want to replace the tub into a shower booth. Other than that, everything needs to be updated - vanity, toiler, showerbooth,…

In both bathrooms, no plumbing or electrical rewiring needs to be done.

What should be the expected cost for either of these? What’s a good way to start? Start looking for general contractors? seems to have some connections - any other leads?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I remodeled three batbrooms in the last two years. Complete rip and replace. Two 5’x9’ with floating vanity and a tub, one 6x10 with floating vanity and shower.

Nothing fancy. Tiles on the wall only in the tub/shower. Splurges included custom mirror going to the ceiling ($194) and frameless shower glass (budget 1-1.5k for that).

Just because the plumbing / electrical works fine doesn’t mean the city won’t force you to replace it — it may not be up to current code.

Budget 20K and up for a nice, modern setup as above, devoid of many frills.

I think aalj is in the ballpark. You’re expecting at least 20k and up. The cost of everything has gone up so much in the last few years.

Few years ago, wanted to do similar for master bathroom, recalled is above $10k+. Didn’t go ahead because other than looking nicer, not much change in storage space nor any increase in toilet space. Is an old layout, the only way to have increased space is to move the exterior wall which I don’t like to do.

Don’t forget that if you are going to pull a permit, the city might ask you to have architectural drawings especially if you are touching walls. So you need to factor in the architect fees, maybe structural calculation fees too, then you need to pay for plan check and building permits.

Thanks all for the comments (+ folks who PMed me with some recommendations!). The $20k figure above - are these for 1 bathroom or for both?

We’ll need to decide when to pull the trigger on the renovation - now that we’re back at work, things are even less definite… It’s difficult to maintain a house for DINK couples… :expressionless:

$20-25k for master ( materials and labor)
$12 -$15k for 2nd bath (materials and labor)

Why? Seems like you guys are in a good spot. No need to worry about disturbing the kids or anything. Work on one bathroom while the other is available.

Probably should get it done before summer. Contractors are likely going to be more busy by then since the Bay Area housing market seems to be heating up again.

Master would be $20k itself
The other would be around $15k
Did you get started ?