Bay Area Chugging Along


Yes, it does as of like a year ago, but for multiunits, i think it does not affect SFRs.


Ooooh, is subletting expressly forbidden in your lease???:wink:


Yep, basically only affects apartments and the 8-plexes. Not SFR, condos, or townhouses.


I have been month to month for like 4 years now :slight_smile:


Time to move. An $1800/m apartment can’t be very nice, especially for a millionaire


OH for sure, it’s time to move. I want to stay in MTV, though, and i have high expectations :slight_smile:


Sorry you already wasted four years. Don’t wait to buy RE, buy and wait. Those four years cost a lot of equity potential… High standards were very costly.


That’s true, and i regret that. things i learn :slight_smile:


Fremont would be the best bet…


No east coast, I think our best bet is SVL, then MTV.


You are making a typical non native mistake. I bought my first house in Oakland and commuted to San Mateo.
My equity in that house went up seven fold in four years.
Don’t bet against the east bay…


Ok - you are convincing me about this, but i think i might want to get it as investment instead of primary residence.


Keep your cheap apartment and buy a mansion in the east bay and just commute a couple of days a week


lol - i think i am good without a mansion, too much hassle.
I prefer to buy 2 east bay houses, and a sfr in mtv - which i will do.

I just wondered - would having an investment house impact the loan interest and stuff on primary? In other words, should i wait to buy in easy coast or just buy it now while i still look for primary residence?


All depends on your income.


my income depends on the lender, some count google stocks as income most don’t.


Do you know reasonable lenders for this kind of scenario?


Ask Sfdragon… I don’t talk to lenders. Although I do lend hard money…


@sfdragonboy your help is needed :slight_smile:


Try Schwab