Bay Area Chugging Along




You need history as a landlord on the property, or they discount the rent for LTV. You usually only get credit for 75% of the rent for LTV without history.


That’s not the problem, i actually do have enough income (and enough buffer for some months of payments) but the “enough” income comes as monthly vested stocks from google.

I didn’t research this enough, yet, so suggestions are velcome.


Have no impact unless you can qualify for perks as first time home buyer.


Better buy primary home first. RSU can be counted as income if you had it for over 2years


My mortgage broker whose office is in Fremont said the same thing. Her friend just bought something for like 900k+ and frankly the school rankings there are average at best. Her rationale, what can I do? Everything is over 1M in nicer parts. Wait it out and help make the neighborhood better…

Thanks, people, who passed on my remodeled 3/1 SFH for under 500K just 3 years ago!!!




So your fremont home doubled in value in 3 years? :thinking:


Time to revise @sfdragonboy’s networth up.


Ok let’s make it $3.5M… :wink:


I wish…probably worth about mid to high 700k today…not bad in 3 years.


Yes if boy spends 100k on the remodel, Might get close to Million.


Happy New Year, @RealEstatebull! May you find more diamonds in the rough this year!!!


I wouldn’t put a dime into the Fremont house…It will appreciate no matter what … the lower the price the higher the demand… Meaning the cheaper the house the higher the IRR


Happy New Year @Elt1!!! Well, I think you would if you have more of the details of what is going on there. First of all, a lot of my neighbors have remodeled and done monster homes or expanded. My home is original of course and is small, so it makes sense to catch up with the Jones or even do the one remodel style if you will that would be cheap yet effective. A lot of folks on my block have converted the existing garage into their living space. They then extend the roofline or do some kind of car port in front of the garage door. I would think this would be cheap (carport way) and effective to change a 3/1 to a 4/2 right? Driveway is too long that you don’t lose anything. God, if I had this in SF, I wouldn’t move!!!


I agree in general but for selling at a premium or atleast match the neighborhood. He has to remodel it.

When every other home in the neighborhood in say 5 years is upgraded you dont want to give a deal to to another investor.

PS: I have seen the home passing by that street.


spending 100k on a remodel to gain 100k in equity just isn’t worth it. particularly if you aren’t using it yourself. a large chunk of the 100k remodel will disappear over time.

elt1 is right, the appreciation isn’t in the structure. let your neighbors do the work for you :wink:.


We are talking 300k return when spending 100k and it’s not a primary residence. This is an investment home and he would do it at the point of sale, more like a flip

I would do it every time.


original condition well kept homes sell very well compared to whack a mole remodels. they have ended up selling for what those go for without the extra expense.

(caveat, this might not be the case in fremont, but it’s happened plenty of times in the peninsula region.)


Sadly, I have not been to my Fremont property in awhile. Yes, that means I did not give my tenants there any Christmas gift. Oops, well, they get cheap rent so there…

Have you seen the complete remodel done at the end of the street, @RealEstatebull? How does it look?

I agree with you, I would be stupid to give this project to someone else to do…