Bay Area High Rents Again - Mercury News

Source: For struggling Bay Area renters, apartments keep shrinking


I think my rents are way below market at WSJ and Walnut Creek… I’m sacrificing my profits for the benefit of my tenant’s…

Same thing with me, way below what is stated here.

Fake news? Inaccurate or misleading?

I really do not know the market outside, but two of my friends, presently renting, telling me their rent is increased too much and constantly looking to buy some home. They desperately looking for homes, but limited by financial strength and repeatedly beaten by unbelievable competition for homes.

Tell them to move to the east bay, nice big comfy homes for under $500k…

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The rent data is taken from recently built luxury apartment. Can easily get 20% lower rent.

Want to keep up with J(oses)il so demand 10-20% reduction in current rent but landlord refuses.

Isn’t it the rule “buy something which you can afford at first and later in 5-10 years buy what you want”?

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For the first timers, with huge loan, It is hard to understand this concept.

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People who are not financially savvy don’t deserve to own a home (or at least an expensive one)…


Was on the ski lift with a guy looking to rent in Carson City.
Paying currently $1000. House is selling. Now will have to pay $1650 for a modest 3/2 house in the Carson Valley…$1/SF
This is a national problem… it is due to a shortage of housing… Caused by nimbyies enviro nazis and liberal Democrats. Time to let builders loose… build baby build

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I’m getting more than the SJ median. Time flies. The lease is up at the end of February. Offering a renewal at current rate.

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That might be the rule here, but if you come from elsewhere, you still have an expectation that a first home is “modest.” Not that you’re shoving 4 people into a one bedroom home. It’s a culture shock for Americans, and it’s a culture shock for their parents who view it as a failure not to have separate bedrooms for the kids.

SJ’s a big place.

The millennials are finally getting out of their parents houses. Millions of new households and not enough housing built in the last 30 years… Classic supply and demand crisis

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Good, let those prices soar!!! :rofl:

Data, data, data doesn’t support the article.

Tons of 2-bedrooms apt for less than $4910 in Cupertino.

Tons of 2-bedrooms apt for less than $2550 in West Valley of San Jose.

Tons of 2-bedrooms apt for less than $2550 in San Jose.

What we all knew:


Rent control is about power… not about housing. The darling of liberal social engineers. A problem that only be solved by unfettered construction

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