Bay Area Market is full of RedFin Hot homes

Today, I noticed, in Bay Area Market , almost all 3bed, 2Bath or better homes are turned into RedFin Hot homes.

Do you see similar changes in your focus locations?

Yes, absolutely. I mentioned this to @myo recently. I had Daly City as a focus location and it recently blew up with many new listings that still managed to get hot and/or pended. 99.99% of all the homes I track sell. It is the one off that doesn’t sell and it is usually mentioned here by me as grossly overpriced.

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Been that way for a while in the area I’m in, but I could see it being a software change too.

Pro tip: Raise your price to 3M and above and you won’t see that many hot homes any more.

Market is HOT still, hotter than earlier months in the summer and a 180 degree change from same time last year 10/16