Bay Area rents are still rising in dozens of cities across the region

The fastest rent growth was in Concord, where year-over-year rents were up 7.3 percent, according to the report from the website. A median two-bedroom apartment in Concord now rents for $3,010 and a one-bedroom fetches $2,400.

The region’s highest rents are in Cupertino, where a one-bedroom costs $3,990 monthly and a two-bedroom brings $5,000. The cheapest rents are in Oakland, where a one-bedroom costs $1,760 and a two-bedroom rents for $2,210. Almost as cheap is Campbell, where a one-bedroom fetches $1,890 and a two-bedroom goes for $2,370.

Campbell is cheap? Really?

No, have been trying to buy there for the last few years & Austin of course… very aggressive bidding… always have 1-2 bids so much higher than the rest. I bid 20% higher still can’t get… good quality always attract top bidders… buyers recognize gems so no bargain to be had.

Guess is referring to those new apartments near Apple Park. Rented out 4/3/1 2000/8000 for much lower than that.

Campbell is not cheap. 2 bedroom townhouse sold for over $900,000. A 3 bedroom townhouse sold for over $1,000,000. Both on or near Campbell Avenue.

Campbell is like central San Jose. To ask for a SFH $4K you will have to wait a long time before people contact landlord. There are more rentals in that area making landlord compete for tenants. These high 950K-1.1M SFH rent is like $3900 today. TH I suppose it is around 3100-3300 for a 3 br/2 ba,

The rent is not very active in South Bay. If you price like 2 years ago expect the home to be vacant for months. Landlords do not realize there are more leaving than getting hired in high tech from outside the SFBA.

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