Bay Area sees homelessness surge

Five out of nine Bay Area Counties—i.e., all of those not located in the North Bay—saw their homeless counts spike during the same period, with each other county showing worse homelessness surges than SF:

SF: 6.8% :arrow_up:
SMC: 20% :arrow_up:
SCC: 31% :arrow_up:
Alameda: 42.5% :arrow_up: :scream:
CCC: 42.8% :arrow_up: :scream:

Umm. Does anyone think it’ll decrease?

Homeless spillover from SF to other counties.

SMC is gentrifying. The homeless here are not necessarily a spillover from SF.

Need some spillover to Austin. :smiling_imp:

Already happened. Homeless in Austin DT is building up quickly. Avoid any DTs.

I have a friend who lives in Austin. He is livid about the new mayor. I think the homeless are now legally allowed to camp in public places. The new mayor visited Seattle and LA to learn about how to deal with the homeless problem. It’s hilarious he choose those two cities to learn from since they’ve both done a terrible job.

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Last I heard (and saw) Seattle’s camps were rotating between churches, not camped out permanently on public places.

There are plenty in public spaces. Highway over passes and exit ramp areas are favorites.

I give most homeless people props for not giving up and killing themselves. I know I probably can’t handle it and will just quit life…

Ok I’m done. You guys can carry on.


I hear you… There’s a homeless guy nearby who looks bored a lot. He’s a really nice guy, but I have to imagine it’s hard to spend every day that way.